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5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘100 Days My Prince’

ONE. EXO’S D.O. AKA DO KYUNG SOO. Yes, you’ve read that right. This is D.O.’s first time as the male lead in a k-drama. And if you’ve seen his previous work, you’ll know that this is one idol that has the acting chops. What are you waiting for? Tune in now! You won’t regret it. TWO. A PRINCE AS A COMMONER. Isn’t that just a great plot point? I can’t vouch for the originality as I haven’t watched that many historical dramas, but it still feels refreshing. And on top of that, he has amnesia. (Okay, so not my favorite trope, but it works here.) THREE. NAM JI HYUN IS A RIOT AS HONG SHIM. Hong Shim’s in a tough situation. Thanks to the Prince’s decree, all unmarried people of marrying age must get married and she’s not about to get saddled with the creepy lord who wants to take her as his third concubine. Instead, she ends up marrying Won Deuk, the amnesiac version of the prince. And gosh, it is so much fun watching her stick it to Won Deuk and his ability to not be able to do anything. This is especially when he’s being a self-centered jerk. I love a strong female lead and Nam Ji Hyun has hit the bull’s eye here. FOUR. A LIGHTER HISTORICAL DRAMA. Sure, there are plenty of power plays and some wicked people slaughtering people, but the other half is much lighter and a lot of fun. And D.O. is so comical and adorable when he’s playing the aloof, uncomfortable Won Deuk. FIVE. HIGHEST DRAMA PREMIERE ON TVN. It’s not shocking that 100 Days My Prince has garnered a fair bit of attention and buzz. It premiered on TVN to 5% viewership ratings, which is the highest premiere for the Monday-Tuesday slot in the network’s history. Now, this is cable drama, so numbers are smaller than they are on the 3 major networks. That said, the ratings have only increased since the premiere. It’s pretty clear that this is a good drama with a talented cast and it has the ratings to back it up. So, what are you waiting for? Even if you’re nervous about diving into a historical drama, 100 Days My Prince is so good that it will be worth the plunge. Tiff and I are also recording podcast reviews on this drama. Once you’ve watched, come check out what we have to say here. This weekend, we should have another episode up at 5 and 6 were so good. Plus, 6 had to end on a cliffhanger.

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