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Weekend In Dramaland Podcast Episode 8: ‘100 Days My Prince: Episodes 1-4’

 This week, Tiff and I embark on a k-drama that’s out of our realm of expertise: sageuks (aka historical dramas).We talk about the first 4 episodes of 100 Days My Prince. And trust me, we have a lot to say! It might get a bit random and we do drop a few curse words (sorry in advance), but it’s all in good fun. Come on aboard and check out all of our thoughts and our burning questions and theories on where the story is heading.

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It Started With a K-Drama

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This has been nothing but a positive experience so far. Tiff and I are happy we took the plunge and gave this drama a fair shot. We’re pleased that we took on a new k-drama that is a good choice for a podcast review.

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