‘100 Days My Prince’ First Impressions

100 days my prince first impressions


A prince is the victim of an attempted assassination. He falls off a cliff and subsequently wanders for 100 days under a new name and personality. During that time he meets the head of a prominent detective agency.

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I don’t know what exactly drew me into watching this drama. Historicals/sageuks are not a must-watch genre for me. I do watch modern/historical fusions sometimes, but true historical dramas are lower on my list. 

100 days my prince first impressions
Exo’s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) as Lee Yool/Won Deuk

I’m sure Exo’s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) in a starring role had some influence on my decision. I keep thinking back to his captivating performance in Hello Monster aka I Remember You as the teen version of character Lee Joon Young. As an idol actor, I feel he’s set the bar high. His roles have always been interesting and diverse with memorable characters.

And his portrayal of steely, no-nonsense Lee Yool is on point. As a child, he was known as Won Deuk and was carefree and optimistic. But when he witnesses the Left State Councillor slaughtering the current king’s supporters, Won Deuk becomes radically different. On top of that, his mother dies, and all Won Deuk wants to do is mourn her and his father couldn’t be any colder.

Won Deuk grows up to be very smart. If he’s doing anything, his nose is in a book. He’s also cold and keeps all of his emotions in check. His childhood experiences have molded him into a very tough Crown Prince. Not only is he hard to please, but he’s difficult with those working in the palace, and he certainly doesn’t miss a beat with his father, the king.

This drama kicks off with a lot of political warring, too. The king and all of his supports are assassinated. The Left State Councillor,  Kim Cha Eon,  puts Won Deuk’s father in charge to do his bidding/follow his requests and they’ve also promised that their children will marry. 

Nam Ji Hyun

100 days my prince first impressions

Nam Ji Hyun as Yoon Yi Seo/Hong Sim.

The lovely Nam Ji Hyun is one of my favorite actresses in the past few years. I loved her as the hard-working, earnest, plucky Bok Sil in Shopping King Louis. She also did very well in Suspicious Partner. And I feel she’s doing a pretty great job so far here in 100 Days My Prince.

In the first episode, you don’t see much of her character as an adult – we mainly see her childhood version, Yi Seo, played by a child actress. As a child, we learn that Yi Seo is hard-working and smart. 

A young Won Deuk becomes enraptured by Yi Seo. He even tells her that he’s going to marry her one day, but those idealistic dreams are shattered when Won Deuk watches as the Left State Councilor and his men slaughter Yi Seo’s family and all those that supported the current king.

Yi Seo and her brother manage to escape, but Won Deuk has grown up to believe that Yi Seo was caught and killed. This is also something that has helped to shape his hardened character. 

Unbeknownst to the Won Deuk, who grows up in the palace as the king’s son and by the name Lee Yeol, Yi Seo did escape that fateful encounter all those years ago with her brother. She assumed a new identity as Hong Sim and was raised by another man who is referred to her as her ‘step father.’ 

What I’m loving.

As a child, Won Deuk refuted his mother’s attempts to study and take his education seriously. After several encounters with the smart and pretty, Yi Seo, Won Deuk is suddenly inspired to buckle down and learn what he can. Of course he wants to impress, ) Yi Seo, who called him stupid.

It’s too bad that Won Deuk that never gets that chance. Sure, he confesses to liking, Yi Seo, and stating clearly that he’ll marry her one day, but their lives are separated in a horrible way.

But fate seems to have a sense of humor. Or at least fate is trying to bring Won Deuk and Yi Seo back together. After the attempted assassination of Crown Prince Lee Yeol (aka Won Deuk), Hong Sim’s step father finds him unconscious and nurses him back to help.

When Lee Yeol wakes up, he’s somehow roped into playing ‘Won Deuk’ to save Hong Sim as she’s being beaten for still being unmarried. Ironically enough, Lee Yeol is responsible for the whole ‘marriage disaster’ as he’s the one that put out this ridiculous marriage ruling in the first place, so it’s actually fitting that his anmesiac form is the one that comes to her rescue when she’s been beaten for refusing to marry.

LOVING the soundtrack. It’s so nice to hear something new from Gummy. 

100 days my prince first impressions


Lots of political warring and so many shades of gray. (I won’t say who’s responsible for what. I don’t want to spoil everything.) Who is trying to kill Lee Yeol? Is it the Princess he’s betrothed to but won’t touch with a ten foot pole? Maybe it’s the Queen? Or is it the Left State Councilor? To be honest, all of them have motives and have done some pretty evil/shady things in only two episodes. 

Looks like we’ll have our hands full, especially when they learn that the Crown Prince is still alive. I’m already burning with excitement to see that victorious moment. 

The first two episodes were packed with information and slightly slow-moving. We really got an opportunity to see the story unfold, so I’m feeling that we have plenty of promise.

There were some great ratings for the first episode. This is always a good sign, especially since this is on a cable network – tvN. 

Also, I can’t wait to see the complete role reversal with Won Deuk now that he’s completely lost his memory and is pretending to be himself but he doesn’t know it’s actually himself. Now that we’ve gotten some of the darker stuff out of the way, I’m really hoping for some lighter content. 

I plan to keep talking about this one. It’s quite possible I might do a podcast episode this week. Tiff’s apartment is really ripped up from the flooding, so it may or may not be a solo podcast this week depending on whether or not she can watch 100 Days My Prince this week.

More details coming later. Stay tuned!


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