Weekend in Dramaland

Weekend in Dramaland Podcast: Episode 6 ‘K-Drama Q+A Session’

As we’re between things, Tiff and I decided to take a step back. Sometimes it’s nice to revisit the basics. We want all of you to understand us a little better, so we put together a little k-drama question and answer session that I hope you all enjoy.

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Well, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks! The flooding issues in our area really affected our ability to record. We both apologize for the delay. I try to keep a schedule to the best of my ability, but this pesky, real life finds a way to make things challenging for us.

Next podcast should bring some exciting content. We saw Crazy Rich Asians last weekend. Tiff and I are actually getting together this weekend to record and publish a podcast talking all about this movie. Since this blog is Asian themed, we decided that introducing it to the blog/podcast made a lot of sense.


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