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T-Drama: ‘Meet Me @ 1006’ Review

Meet Me at 1006 Review.

As I try to expand my boundaries and continue exploring more Asian dramas, I found myself intrigued by the synopsis of Meet Me at 1006. I’ve had a lot of good luck with picking Taiwanese dramas that are actually really good lately, so I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. I finished this a while ago, so please forgive me as this may not be too in depth for a review.

I loved and devoured every minute of this drama. No drama is perfect, so there were some minor things I’ll need to nit pick at later in the review. This won’t be a play-by-play recap, but I really wanted to spend some time talking over the main points and the scenes that made this drama work for me.

Meet Me at 1006 stars Lego Lee and Hsieh Nikki and is a romantic, fantasy-style time travel drama. While this is a time travel drama, it’s surprisingly a refreshing take on the genre that manages to hold your interest throughout. This is actually a Taiwanese drama that I mistook for a Mainland Chinese drama at first.

Ke Zhen Yu is a very successful lawyer. While he’s so successful that he’s never a lost a case, he doesn’t have the best personality. He’s cold, overly confident, and not very personable. This could be partly due to his profession as he tries to keep an emotional distance from within his workplace.

Then there’s Cheng Jia Le who is a rookie reporter. She is skilled in martial arts, specifically Judo. Her father used to teach Judo, but once he passed away, Jia Le has been looking after the place and the young men who are practicing.

One day, Zhen Yu loses the first case of his life. It’s a huge case that sends his life into a downward spiral as he’s been accused of fabricating evidence to help the childhood friend he’s defending, Wu Ji Rou. He retreats and moves out of his swanky home to a less-than-desirable apartment.

It’s here that bizarre things start to happen. Every night at 10:06, Cheng Jia Le appears in his apartment claiming that it’s her apartment. She disappears every night at 10:56 PM. We learn that Cheng Jia Le is 4 months in the past. After a very shaky beginning filled with misunderstandings, comical situations, and trying to understand what’s going on, that’s when the story really begins to bloom.

In order to help each other, Zhen Yu and Cheng Jia Le decide to work together to help his career and find out the truth about who really murdered Wu Ji Rou’s husband, Jiang Cheng Hao. This is the high-profile case he lost that put him in this messy situation in the first place.

See, Ji Rou is Zhen Yu’s friend. They grew up together and have a sibling relationship–there is nothing romantic here, so at least we bodge a bullet with the story line. Now, Jiang Cheng Hao is Cheng Jia Le’s friend from the Judo center that her dad ran.

There are a lot of interesting coincidences that bring Jia Le and Zhen Yu together. Zhen Yu’s father saved Jia Le when she was kidnapped and held hostage in high school. His father was tragically killed at that time. It’s then that Zhen Yu’s father gives her the origami Pegasus that Zhen Yu made for his father to protect him as a police officer. This Pegasus seems to have magical powers and is behind how the past and present merge in the apartment for 50 minutes every night.

The story actually flowed nicely and I didn’t feel the need to fast forward.

The plot was engaging. Time travel isn’t new to anyone, but I always appreciate a clever spin on it. The origami Pegasus is essentially a DeLorean (Back to the Future car that could travel through time) that allows time to merge every night at 10:06.

At first, Jia Le and Zhen Yu didn’t like each other. Even though it’s only 50 some odd minutes a night, they’re thrust into this forced cohabitation that they don’t understand. But as time passes, Zhen Yu and Jia Le start working together. He recruits Jia Le to help him with his case. Zhen Yu discovers just how linked he is to Jia Le through their mutual friends — Ji Rou (Zhen Yu’s friend) and Cheng Hao (Jia Le’s friend) who have just gotten married.

Here’s where things get interesting. Before Jia Le and Zhen Yu even meet, there are a few events that occur first.

Ji Rou is charged with the murder of her husband, Cheng Hao. Zhen Yu, of course, is Ji Rou’s lawyer and he’s determined to prove her innocence. The problem he never expected is that evidence he received was fake. And this isn’t just any evidence, it’s the murder weapon. Once this truth is revealed, Zhen Yu’s position as a lawyer quickly goes down the toilet and he loses all credibility.

The cocky, cold, and confident Zhen Yu ends up moving into a less-than-ideal apartment. What’s interesting to note is that this is also Jia Le’s apartment. On the first few nights that time merges, both think that the other are complete whack jobs. No one has come to terms with the fact that Jia Le is from four months in the past.

If I was either of them, I wouldn’t be quick to believe it either. The time merging causes some pretty funny situations. They’re both in the shower when time merges for the first time. Talk about baring it all! But eventually, they set up ground rules and make sure they’re not in any compromising situations by the time that 10:06 PM rolls around every night.

As I mentioned earlier, the two end up working together. As Jia Le is a budding journalist, Zhen Yu knows he can use her position in the past to help him with his situation in the future. They learn how very easily it is to change the events of time. The butterfly effect is not always pretty.

And while Jia Le is able to help Zhen Yu piece together things and help change the present, the problem is when she discovers that she’s going to die. By this point, Zhen Yu and Jia Le are getting closer.

While there are some cute moments between the two and romantic feelings are bubbling to the surface, we find that changing the past has just pushed up the date of Jia Le’s death. It’s a sad moment because our leads are finally getting closer. It’s not far, ya’all.

Still, this doesn’t deter Zhen Yu. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to save Jia Le. This includes meeting his past self from four months ago to help him save Jia Le. The Zhen Yu of the past is a self-absorbed jerk, and he hasn’t gone through what present day Zhen Yu has. Even then, we see that he’s really a decent person deep down.

Past Zhen Yu feverishly denies liking someone like Jia Le. It’s kind of hilarious as he encounters Jia Le and awkwardness ensues as they interact.

Things I didn’t like:

It was a bit distressing and frustrating to see how Jia Le was put in situations where she was a damsel in distress. With her skill in Judo and defending herself, sometimes the ‘damsel in distress’ element felt more like a poor excuse for a plot device than anything else. Jia Le is not a helpless character, so when the drama played this card, it was very frustrating.

Lots of excessive product placement from Subway. It’s not a bad thing to have product placement, but it did seem a bit too much at times. This is not a deal breaker or anything dramatic like that; it was more of an annoyance that I managed to look beyond.

Things I loved:

When Jia Le and Zhen Yu got past their bickering and initial dislike of each other, they are great together. Holy moly, there is some sizzling chemistry between these two.

If you need further convincing, look at this kiss when Zhen Yu and Jia Le reunite. As  Future Zhen Yu saved Jia Le, he ended up turning into dust. Jia Le was extremely torn up about it because she’s in love with the Future Zhen Yu.

Thankfully, Past Zhen Yu is still alive. He slowly absorbs all of Future Zhen Yu’s memories. Yes, the Zhen Yu we know and love is back!!! Thank goodness for a happily ever after because this drama legit made me cry. It was that good.

Final Thoughts…

Meet Me at 1006 is a Taiwanese drama I readily recommend. Whether it’s the acting or the plot, this is one story that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. There is an intriguing mystery/crime element that runs throughout the series. I can say that the guilty parties keep you guessing for a while. So much about Meet Me at 1006 was perfection. Whether it was the chemistry between Zhen Yu and Jia Le or the fantastical time-traveling element, there is so much to love.

Where to Watch…

Update: This is no longer available on DF as the site has shut down. Currently, there aren’t any legal streaming options for this drama. 

If you have loved and watched this drama, I also recommend The Perfect Match and Behind Your Smile. Both links go to my series review.


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