Tiff Tries Tuesday: K-Drama ‘Black’ First Impressions

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Tiff Tries Tuesday: K-Drama ‘Black’ First Impressions

I’ve decided to start a little series about me trying out different shows that I find interesting on the various sites/apps that I have access to use.

Black is a k-drama that stars Song Seung-heon as Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444) and Go Ara as Kang Ha-ram.

I decided to check this show out because I was in the mood for a darker drama and I’m a sucker for things like grim reapers/death gods.

What is Black About?

The premise of this show is that there is a young woman —Kang Ha-ram—who is cursed/blessed (depending on how you view it) with the ability to see a black shadow around a person who is going to die, very soon, in the future. If she touches the shadow, she will get a vision of exactly how that person is going to die. The vision is not from start to finish of that person’s death but she can see details that can help with identifying the murderer. But, her life is such a miserable existence because she can see these shadows all the time unless she wears dark sunglasses which make the shadows not visible. She also is treated cruelly by her family, especially by her mother and step-father.

Her attitude about her ability is changed when a police detective—Han Moo-gang—tells her that her ability could be used to save lives. For the first time in her life, she can use her ability for something good. This sadly doesn’t turn out well when she tries to alter a person’ s destiny and instead, Detective Han dies in that person’s place.

Who/What Are the Grim Reapers?

We then are introduced to Grim Reapers, who are responsible for collective the souls of the dearly departed. They are comprised of two types – (1) the pure blood ones who are born and have to inhabit a human body to interact with humans because they are formless and (2) humans who committed suicide and are assigned as grim reapers as divine punishment. The latter keep their memories from their previous life.

Grim Reapers are forbidden to interfere with humans. They also are not allowed to inhabit dead bodies. A previously human Grim Reaper decides to break the second rule and runs away from his duty. His partner, a pure blood Grim Reaper named #444, has to break that same rule in order to chase him down. #444 takes Detective Han’s body and begins the harsh journey of pretending to be human while trying to track down his AWOL partner as he is also being hunted by other Grim Reapers.

#444 begins to call himself “Black” as he wears all black – this also helps with hiding his real identity from Ha-ram because she can see the black shadow inside a body possessed by a Grim Reaper. We find out that the black shadows are actually the Grim Reaper(s) assigned to collect that person’s soul. Black and Ha-ram start to work together to hunt down the runaway Grim Reaper.

Along with the Grim Reaper story line, there are some subplots including: discovering the truth about Ha-ram’s policeman father and why he was murdered, what happened to Ha-ram’s childhood friend/crush, a twenty-year old mystery about child prostitution, and various crimes being stopped/solved.

I am currently half-way through the fifth episode and I do like this show for the most part. Unfortunately, I get very squeamish when there are crimes committed against children. I have to see if I can tolerate some of these subplots. If I do finish the series, I will write a full review.

Where Can I Watch the K-Drama ‘Black’?

Black is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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