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Weekend in Dramaland Podcast: ‘Secretary Kim Finale and Series Review’


After sixteen episodes, all good things must unfortunately come to an end. We’ve reveled over the masterpiece that has been What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim from the very first episode. If you’re curious to see how everything has wrapped up, this is the place to be.

We also discuss some future content for this podcast as well as the blog. And Tiff even shares one of her hilarious k-food fails.

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Say it isn’t so! What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim may be over, but Tiff and I still had plenty to say. If you ask us, we could have talked about this drama for another hour, but we didn’t want to subject our listeners to that torture. I have to say, I think this episode, Tiff and I, had the most fun. We’re starting to get more comfortable with the podcast. If you listen all the way until the end, please take a moment to provide any kind of feedback — whether it’s here or on Google or iTunes. We’re looking for some suggestions on future content. (We know what we like to talk about, but we want to make sure we also include suggestions and ideas from our listeners. After all, without all of you, this podcast wouldn’t have ever made it this far.)



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