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Weekend in Dramaland Podcast: Episode 4 ‘Secretary Kim 11 – 14’

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It’s time to enter the wonderful world of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. A lot of things have finally been revealed and our leading couple couldn’t get any darn cuter if they tried. But we still have two more episodes to go. Tune in to hear what we had to say about episodes 11 – 14.

We also spend the end of the episode talking about our expectations for the final two episodes. (Insert sad face here!) We’re entering the home stretch and we’re so sad to see this drama coming to a close this week.

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Hi, all! We decided to combine 4 episodes into this podcast to make things easier. It wasn’t easy to get this up. Between weather (lot’s of rain and flooding in our area) and slow internet, it’s been a trying experience, but nothing was literally going to rain on my k-drama parade. The utter cuteness of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim has made the past two months such an enjoyable experience. I know I could have easily blogged about it, but it’s the first time Tiff and I watched the same k-drama while it was currently airing, and we just had to gush about it aloud.

Never fret, if you’re not into review style podcasts, we’re working on some other formats of podcasts as well to bring a variety that we hope will satisfy all our listeners. We’ve had a blast so far and can’t wait to continue cranking out new episodes.


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