‘Mint To Be’ or Not?

mint to be

What do you think, fellow drama fans?

Mook is back and starring in yet another GMMTV series. She has also starred in the Ugly Duckling Series, Kiss (the series), and had an episode in U Prince.

mint to be 

The premise that I’ve gathered from the trailer is that Mook’s character, BB and her sister, Bambam, go to their grandma’s house, which is in the same area that they used to live, which is very rural, country-esque.

As BB is a net idol, it’s pretty clear she’s not thrilled to go to the countryside, but her and Bambam at least look genuinely happy to see their grandma, so at least we have that.

mint to be mint to be

They run into their childhood friends and BB runs into her ex-boyfriend, Mint. They’re both different people now trying to live their lives and move on front their pasts, but it seems like they be on the road to rekindling their old feelings. Of course, there are bound to be obstacles as BB has a boyfriend and Mint is denying, at least to his friend, that he doesn’t like BB. (Yeah, that looked very convincing, Mint!)

 mint to be

Then there’s Bambam who is starry-eyed over Nok. Or maybe it works both ways? All I can tell is that their interactions from this trailer look adorable! Bring on the cuteness! I’m curious to know about their story because it’s more unknown than Mint/BB. I kind of feel sad that she’s told to do better and find a better match.

There is a bit more to the trailer, but nothing new to point out, so I opted to stop with just a few screen caps.

Final thoughts?

I’m always looking for a lighter drama to fill my time between k-dramas and this may be something I give a shot once GMMTV starts subbing it. I don’t do well with the soapy lakorns, and slap/kiss dramas typically make me cringe, so this may be something I check out. Now, Mook isn’t my favorite actress. I think she’s pretty decent and has improved a bit from some of her earlier dramas, so I’m hoping we see a bit more of range from her here as some of her characters tend to feel similar. I’m not really familiar with Krist, so we’ll have to see how things go.

I think I have more interest in the side characters. Bambam and Nok seem to have really caught my attention. This doesn’t seem like the most original story, so I’m not expecting anything innovating with the plot. Sometimes you want light and fun. I’m thinking and crossing my fingers that Mint To Be captivates with its cuteness factor.

I’m not sure when this is set to air or when it will be subtitled on GMMTV, so stay tuned for updates.

If you haven’t yet, check out the trailer below that is fully subtitled in English and chime in below on what you think. Worth a watch? Love the cast? Not your cup of tea?





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