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Weekend in Dramaland Podcast: Episode 3 ‘Pretty Noona & Secretary Kim 9 – 10’

weekend in dramaland podcast

In this episode, we touch base on k-drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food as well as wrap things up with discussion on our favorite currently airing drama, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. And let me tell you, we have a lot of things to report on these episodes. The whole childhood mystery has our spidey senses tingling as we try to crack the truth of what really happened all those years ago.

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And it’s here! I greatly apologize for the delay. I tried to upload this last night on my new laptop, but it kept erroring during the upload process. Finally, managed to upload this on my PC. Hope you all enjoy and please don’t forget to leave us feedback. That’s how we’ll know what’s working and what needs to be improved.

A huge shout out to every single one of you that has been watching so far. I know these are long episodes, but that’s our podcasting preference. I’ve got some smaller podcast projects that will be shorter in length, so I hope those will be more suitable to those of you that enjoy a shorter format. Tiff and I are blown away by all of your support. We never imagined that we’d have more than a handful of views, but we’re doing better than that. Thank you all so much!

And please stay tuned and follow this blog if you haven’t already. I will be posting some more content over the next couple of days, including a fun new element we’re adding to some of our future podcasts.

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