Thai Drama: ‘Kiss Me Again’

kiss me again

Kiss Me Again is the sequel to Kiss The Series.

This time, we focus on Sanrak and Sandee’s older sisters, Sanwon and Sanson. If you have already watched the first part of this series, this drama will take place before the events of Kiss and showcase how everyone came to be friends and how the older characters started a relationship, etc.

Kiss and Kiss Me Again are based on a series of books written by Hideko_Sunshine. They have been adapted into Thai series. Kiss has 16 episodes total and is available fully subbed in English on the GMMTV youtube page.

I started Kiss back in 2016 because I really enjoyed Mild and Jirakit from the Ugly Duckling Series: Don’t.

For Kiss, they were easily the stronger couple. Mook’s character, Sanrak, was a bit dull at times and I felt the same about her eventual romance with Na. Their storyline just wasn’t as engaging, but it wasn’t terrible by any means. Mild and Jirakit have a great repetoire and chemistry with each other. I was actually a little bummed when they were both in the U Prince series but they weren’t together.

I find Thai dramas more progressive than some other Asian countries as they contain more story lines that include LGBT characters. Kiss and Kiss Me Again will have BL (boy love) story lines. In Kiss Me Again, we’ll learn how Pete and Kao got together. I haven’t watched Kiss Me Again, but I may give it a try soon.

Kiss Me Again will have a total of 16 episodes just like Kiss. This is currently being subbed on GMMTV.  7 episodes are currently available with English subtitles. New episodes are usually up every Tuesday around noon, EST.

Check out the trailer below that includes English subtitles. As I watched Kiss, I plan to catch up and watch Kiss Me Again.

Would you like to see me review Kiss Me Again? Please sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think. If there’s enough interest, I may even go back and cover Kiss as I never reviewed that here on the blog.



  1. a fan of bl..especially for kiss me again pete and kao..but i cant find the ep4 and so on in utube..if i type kiss me again ep4..another actor will came out with the same confused..can u help me?? is my email

    1. Hi Roy,

      I’ve included a link with the entire playlist for Kiss Me Again series. You can find episode 4 in the playlist and the rest of the episodes will continue to play automatically. Hope this helps. If you still have problems, let me know.

    1. You can if you prefer. Kiss Me Again takes place before Kiss the Series, so you should have no problem watching it in that order.

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