Man Crush Monday: Park Seo Joon

man crush monday park seo joon

Welcome to Man Crush Monday: Park Seo Joon style!

If you’ve been having a tough day, I hope this post will help cheer you up. While this isn’t a shocking choice as Tiff and I have been devouring and podcasting all about What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, I thought it was only fitting to give Park Seo Joon the “Man Crush Monday” torch.

I’ve been loving Park Seo Joon as the lovable, quirky, narcissist in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. He looks amazing in suits and oozes so much charisma. He embodies Lee Young Joon’s character brilliantly and he is someone you actually root for. (I’ve always had a thing for tall, dark, and handsome, so that also is an advantage for PSJ.)

While I don’t think Park Seo Joon sizzles in the way that some other k-actors do, but he’s so dang adorable just the way that he is. And sometimes I prefer the cute factor over the smolder. For Park Seo Joon, this role really brings out a great side of him.  Plus, his chemistry and intensity with Park Min Young is off the charts, which doesn’t hurt. So, as things progress, maybe we’ll even be privy to a little smolder…

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