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Updates & Future Plans

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요), friends!

I have mulled over how I want to grow this blog and make it a much more, fun enriching for all. As you may or may not know, I pretty much run ISWAKD on my own. It can be a lot of work when you’re one person trying to do a little bit of everything. Nonetheless, I do enjoy the challenge and want to make this a great community where we can all hang out.

My bestie, Tiff, who is also doing the podcasts with me will be working on adding content to the blog. Two are better than one and I hope that helps bring more regular content here.

1.) I’ve created a facebook page for this blog. I know commenting on websites isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To help make ISWAKD more personable, I figure that FB might be easier for anyone to interact and follow along. I also have a link to the facebook page on the sidebar below the blog’s twitter feed.

2.) I’m adding more sidebar content, and I really want to read more drama blogs and recommend them. Anyone have any suggestions? Drama  Beans is usually the extent of it for me. Also, that said, if you even know of anyone doing drama podcasts that I can check out, link them in the comments.

3.) Also, there is a plan in the works to do a podcast once a week. Tiff and I are working together on some future titles. So there will be some longer and shorter podcasts coming soon.

4.) K Food! We are experimenting and trying some more Korean style food that we may bring to the blog. Some things will be pre-packaged items we find in the store and others will be home cooked meals using recipes found in the Koreatown cookbook.

And that’s what we have for now! Stayed tuned as we will be cranking out a Secretary Kim podcast for the latest episodes this week!


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