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Weekend In Dramaland Podcast: Episode 2 ‘New Releases 1st Week of July & Secretary Kim Episodes 5-8’

Andrea and Tiff from It Started With a K-Drama launch their second episode of Weekend In Dramaland, a podcast geared towards all things Asian dramas.

In their second episode, they discuss two new dramas: Your House Helper and Mr. Sunshine. They also finish out this segment with a 5 – 8 episode recap of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

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And we’ve made it! Here is our second episode of Weekend In Dramaland! Please note that this was recorded on the evening of July 3rd. Tiff’s neighbors were setting off fireworks early, so some of that noise bled into the podcast. I hope you don’t mind! The 4th of July is a pretty big event here in the US as it’s our Independence day. We didn’t want to re-record and push off this episode any further. I edited what I could, but this was the best day for us to get together to record, so I apologize if it’s a bit distracting/unprofessional. Sometimes you just can’t control outside noises/situations.

That said, keep a close eye on the blog! I am adding more sidebar content, Tiff will be posting more, and I will be doing a lot of housekeeping/cleaning up on the blog. We’ll also be branching out into trying to cook Korean-style food as well, utilizing my Koreatown cookbook I purchased a good while back. Stay tuned!


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