Weekend in Dramaland

Weekend in Dramaland Podcast: Episode 1 ‘Maiden Voyage’

Weekend in Dramaland Podcast: Episode 1

Andrea and Tiff from It Started With a K-Drama launch their first podcast geared towards all things Asian dramas.

In their first episode, they discuss where they began with Korean dramas and segue into Busted (Korean Variety Show) and do a four episode recap of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (currently airing Korean Romantic Comedy series).

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It’s here! It’s officially here!

Let me tell you, this was a huge investment that I wasn’t sure I could pull off. Between finding a podcast host and securing a paid subscription, I also had to invest in a quality microphone. I already pay annually for this blog plus subscriptions to Netflix, Viki, and DramaFever. Honestly, I weighed the pros and cons and really wondered what was going to happen when my shiny, new microphone wouldn’t work with my laptop.

Struggles and hardships aside, it was SO fun to record this. I know it’s messy, not the best, I’ve recognized my verbal crutches, and I made a few errors (Rooftop Prince is not 4 Princes. It’s 1 prince and his 3 bodyguards. Oye vey!) I’m slowly getting the knack to use Audacity, though. If things continue to go well, I may even try to invest in Adobe Audition. Now, that looks cool!

So, our very first podcast made it to the 50 minute mark. It’s much better than Tiff and I were expecting. We have lots of improvements to come, but we hope you’ll leave comments and share this with your Asian drama loving friends. We want to share our love with dramas with as many people as possible. If we can make any improvements, please have at the constructive criticism. I have never listened to a K-Drama podcast before so this was new territory for both of us.

I’m shy in real life so the microphone was really, really intimidating at first.

Also, the show notes will get better as we go along.



  1. Yay. More asian dramas.
    Back to 1989 Taiwan drama
    Looking forward to more episodes. Love the podcast.
    Robert m

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