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‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ First Impressions

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim First Impressions.

Be still my rom-com heart! We’ve got the makings of a really great drama here. Fingers crossed!

Workplace dramas can be a major hit or miss for me, especially with the focus on the boss/secretary relationships. Now while What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim doesn’t provide content for us to venture into new waters, it does provide us with a strong set up of where the story is going.

Park Min Young plays Kim Mi So, who is the kind, efficient, and hard-working secretary of Young Joon, played by Park Seo Joon. Mi So is the yin to Young Joon’s yang and you can see it play out with how they work together in perfect sync. Young Joon, on the other hand, is vain, cold, and over-achieving. It’s not shocking to see Young Joon mesmerized by his own reflection. (Yes, I’m not making that up, either.)

The story picks up when Kim Mi So decides that 9 years as a secretary has been enough for her. She’s grown up and spent her entire life serving Young Joon. In the process, she’s never been able to follow her own dreams and career path. Between helping her younger sister’s through college and paying off her father’s debt, she hasn’t had a moment to breathe. Now, more than ever, she just wants to quit and find herself. Mi So wants to get married and have children. Everyone around her is living their lives and at 29, it’s sad to see Mi So realizing that she hasn’t lived at all–at least, not in the way that she wants.

With her family’s debts paid, Mi So gives her notice to Young Joon. Of course Young Joon is completely oblivious to why Mi So wants to resign, so he tries to take matters into his own hands by bribing her to stay. He completely misses the mark on why she wants to leave, and it’s easy to believe as Young Joon focuses on himself and not others. He’s really starting to panic and go in full meltdown mode because no one ever dares to say no to him, but Mi So refuses to let him win.

Unbeknownst to Mi So, Young Joon has a trick up his sleeve to get her to stay. The question is: will he succeed and how?

Additional thoughts.

I’m really enjoying the set up and feel for Secretary Kim. As I mentioned above, the story itself isn’t all that compelling or original. This drama is a rom com, which is my favorite genre. I’m always willing to give any rom com a fair shot. This is a huge departure from Park Seo Joon’s role in Fight My Way, and I’m loving every minute of his steely, cold, self-absorbed personality. He’s so vain that it makes me giggle when he’s admiring himself in a mirror. (Yes, you heard me right.)

Park Min Young is a joy to watch so far. The last time I saw her in a lead was with Healer. She never disappoints and I like what we’ve seen with her character in only two episodes. Even though I love when the boss/secretary are working in perfect tandem (they’ve had nine years to perfect it) , I love it more when Mi So stands up and refuses to take any crap from her boss. As she opens up and lets loose after nine years, I can’t wait to see what happens. What is Young Joon willing to do to get Mi So to stay?

As a final note, this is based on a popular webtoon that you can read here. I, personally, haven’t read it yet as I want to be surprised about how this drama unfolds. My very first podcast should be up this weekend. Tiff and I will be talking this drama along with Busted and anything else we’re currently watching. This will be more of an introduction-style podcast that we’ll include some Q&A’s to get you more familiar with those that are behind It Started With a K-Drama.

We have covered every episode of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim on our Weekend In Dramaland Podcast. You can listen to all episodes here.


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