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Man Crush Monday: Marcus Chang

Good Morning drama lovers!

Welcome to Man Crush Monday: Marcus Chang style!

I started Man Crush Monday a few years ago, but never continued it. In my effort to be stricter with myself and keep a schedule with regular content here at ISWAKD, I am resurrecting Man Crush Monday. Two years ago, the winner was Ji Chang Wook, who mesmerized me in Healer.

Now, I am switching gears. This week’s Man Crush Monday is not a Korean actor. This time, we’re focusing on a Taiwanese actor.

man crush monday marcus chang

Marcus Chang

This is a new name for me in the world of Taiwanese dramas. And while I could have easily picked my Taiwanese bias, I decided to choose someone else that has recently caught my eye. Marcus starred in Behind Your Smile, a drama from 2016.

Not so long ago, I watched it on Viki and was drawn to Behind Your Smile. I binge-watched this one pretty fast. It’s probably the best Taiwanese drama I watched after The Perfect Match. I don’t throw around ‘best’ or ‘favorite’ titles easily.

We all enjoy some eye candy, but more than that, Marcus is a very captivating actor. I binge-watched the heck out of Behind Your Smile and while it wasn’t all because of Marcus, he does have a killer smile and a beautiful voice.

Let’s rewind to some basic details about him.

He was born on May 28th, 1983 and he’s currently 35 years old. Let me tell you, Marcus is very youthful looking. Even with him being 33 when he starred in Behind Your Smile, I find him to have a fresh, youthful face. I thought he was maybe in his mid twenties and was shocked to find that he’s in his mid thirties now.

What’s even better, he has a new drama in 2018 that is currently airing and is being subbed on Viki. It’s called Between and you can watch it here. I haven’t personally watched it yet, but I’m hearing positive things about it. If you’re between dramas, I definitely recommend checking out a Taiwanese drama with Marcus.

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