Thai Dramas on Netflix

thai dramas on netflix

A gif from Thai Drama ‘Hormones.’

Guess what? Some Thai dramas are now available on Netflix!

Asian dramas are really starting to spread internationally. It’s great that we now have a blend of Korean, Chinese/Taiwanese, Japanese, and now Thai dramas on Netflix. (Now, if only Netflix could get the rights to Filipino dramas, I’d be one happy camper.)

Aren’t you all just as surprised as I am? Honestly, so am I. Without GMMTV, I wouldn’t be able to watch most Thai dramas. The good news is that Thai dramas are starting to appear on Netflix. Sadly, it’s not easy to track them down unless you’re already familiar with the titles like I am. That said, I’ve managed to pull together a list of Thai dramas that I found.

It would be useful if Netflix added a category for Thai dramas. I know some of these dramas popped up on Netflix as far back as April. I really want to take the time to recognize these dramas. Also, please take note that licenses don’t last forever. I have no idea what kind of licensing agreement Netflix has made. It might be a good idea to watch what you can.

If you need help searching for Thai Dramas on Netflix, my suggestion is to use the search bar. You will want to search for ‘Thai dramas.’ Also, you will have to sift through the results to identity what is what. Unfortunately, the search results are not always 100% accurate. It’s not a fool proof method, either.

These are mostly teen/young adult dramas and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some of these dramas are a few years older or more. If I remember correctly, I think Club Friday and/or Hormones used to be available on GMMTV’s youtube channel. I’m not 100% sure and I don’t see them there, either.

Thai Dramas on Netflix

Hormones (Thai): This drama features issues and experiences of Thai teenagers in high school such as relationship, sexuality, sex, bullying, school gang violence and substance abuse. Family issues are also gradually revealed as the series progresses.

O-Negative (Thai): O-negative drama is remake for O-negative movie (1998). It’s about the story of five friends who loved decorative arts. They met randomly during the ceremony on the first day of class. One day, the freshmen were required to donate blood. They learned then that the 5 of them have the same blood type, O-negative.

Club Friday To Be Continued: My Beautiful Tomboy (Thai): A change in sexual identity complicates young Meen’s relationships, while memories of a past romance remain fresh.

Club Friday To Be Continued: Friend & Enemy (Thai): A love triangle spirals out of control, wreaking havoc on a couple’s relationship and a friendship between two women.

Club Friday To Be Continued: The Promise (Thai): Two young lovers vow to stay friends through thick and thin, but separation test their bond until fate allows them to reunite.

HA Unlimited (Thai): Three comedians launch a company designed to spread happiness far and wide in this Thai sitcom packed with gags, sound effects and special guests.

Blood & Treasures (Thai): Condemned by a centuries-old vow to protect her kingdom’s treasures, an embittered spirit returns to seek justice against the man who wronged her.

Love Rhythms – Accidental Daddy (Thai): A successful DJ’s bachelor lifestyle is upended by a young woman who claims to be his long lost daughter.

The Underwear (Thai): Virtual and real worlds collide as a group of teenagers who are grappling with matters of the heart cross paths in a cafe and on an anonymous website.

Fatal Destiny (Thai): A young man from a humble family is drawn into a life of crime and soon confronts a determined cop in hot pursuit.

Bangkok Bachelors (Thai): Three young men leading carefree bachelors’ lives in the city face the trials of true love when they meet three beautiful women.

Reality of Dream (Thai): Five friends from college chase their post-grad dreams of becoming a successful writer, film director, singer, rich wife, and out-and-proud hair stylist.

Updated 7/31/18. 

**If you find that any of the above dramas are no longer available on Netflix, please let me know. I will try to update this post at least once a month.**