Will You Be Watching Miss Hammurabi?

miss hammurabi 

I know there are decidedly two camps when it comes to Infinite’s L (Kim Myung Soon), either you like  him or cringe by his acting. At the end of the day, acting is a job and we all progress and improve at different speeds. Not all jobs are right for everyone.

I’ve watched enough of his work to notice he has improved a bit, but I’m most excited to see him leading Miss Hammurabi. Until now, all of L’s work has decidedly revolved around a musically inclined character. (This is with the exception of a Sageuk he was in a while back. I never watched it, so I can’t comment on that.)  If you’re familiar with the k-pop group Infinite, you’ll know that L’s main job is music. I’m actually excited to see him portray a steely judge as it’s nothing like his day job; i’m hoping this will birth a whole new side of L. Can he pull it off? Or will it be a complete miss?

Who knows what will transpire, but I’m rooting for a solid legal drama and for L. I’m honestly never listened to Infinite. There’s just something I’ve always enjoyed about him acting on screen, so I’m hoping this drama will give him a chance to spread his wings and fly. Time will tell, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

With the likes of Lawless Lawyer and Suits currently airing, there is a lot of competition on the legal/courtroom genre front. Both dramas are doing well, so I’m curious to see how Miss Hammurabi stands up against these powerhouses. The potential strength here is that Miss Hammurabi centers around the world of judges, so maybe that could set it apart from the other legal dramas.

Will you be watching Miss Hammurabi? Or are you more interested in Lawless Lawyer and Suits? Please vote in the poll below and let me know what you’re watching/will be watching out of these three.

In a previous post, I’ve also given some details such as the site synopsis, which you can read about here.

Miss Hammurabi is licensed through Drama Fever and begins airing 5/21. I am going to check it out and will likely report back. Here are a few teaser trailers to give you an idea of what to expect:


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