Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar (Part 3)



The time has come where another year of drama watching has passed. I have some new couples I’m eager to add to the list.

2017 was a bit of a tough year for me, and I sadly fell into a drama slump. Due to that, this list isn’t as long as part 1 or 2, but I really singled out my absolute favorites that I watched in 2017. There is one couple I didn’t add, but I’m planning to make them a focal point of part 4. Let’s hope 2018 brings in some magical dramas so that I can add more to the list. (Or that I work through my backlog of dramas that I want to watch.)

If you’re unfamiliar with this series, this is essentially a list of drama characters that I’m still not over and probably never will be over. The testament to a strong story and/or characters is in its staying power. The below couples still cross my mind not only for being memorable but also for encompassing couple goals. (At least, in my humble opinion.) If you need to catch up, you can read all about my favorites in Part 1 and Part 2.

Mi Ho and Dae Woong – It’s no shock that I’m a huge fan of the Hong Sisters work, but my Girlfriend is a Gumiho is my favorite of their dramas to date. (Mostly.) Mi Ho and Dae Woong stirred my heart with their utter cuteness. In the beginning, Dae Woong was utterly petrified of the meat-loving Gumiho, but as the two spent time together and lived together, the fine line between love and hate blurred.

The story promoted pure, selfless love, and if there was any coupling that ever made me cry for the drama gods to find a way to keep them together, this would be that drama. There’s a trifecta of laughter, tears, and cuteness overload. If the above music video isn’t enough to convince you of these two and their utter perfection, please take a look at my review here.

You can watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho on Viki. (This is only licensed in certain regions.)

Bong Soon and Min Hyuk – If there was ever a more unbalanced coupling in k-drama land, I consider Bong Soon and Min Hyuk to fit the bill. Bong Soon has superhuman strength — all in a pint-sized body. Min Hyuk is a young, rich CEO of a gaming company. He is not physically strong at all and Bong Soon acts as his bodyguard for a while. There are so many cute antics between these two, but at the end of the day, Min Hyuk’s support and love for Bong Soon was one of my favorite things. He treated her as a human despite her abilities, and he went out of his way to help her reign in her powers.

These two will likely put you into a coma with their sweetness, but it’s a good coma because they’re, oddly enough, well matched and suited for each other. (Also, let’s not forget to mention their cutesy nicknames for each other: Bong Bong and Min Min. D’aww.) Further convincing about their adorableness can be found in my series review here.

You can watch Strong Woman Do Boong Soon on Viki & Netflix.

Eun Ho and Tae Woon – I don’t often foray into the world of high school dramas, but there was something about School 2017 that reeled me in. Despite loving the whole arch with the mystery of who “X” was, my main interest was in Ra Eun and Tae Woon. Tae Woon is broody, brash, and a bit prickly. He does what he want and doesn’t care about the status quo. Then, there’s sub par Ra Eun, who is barely skirting by with her less-than-stellar grades. She’s friendly and bubbly and wants nothing more than to get into a great university so that she can become a webtoon writer. Yet, somehow, these two start hanging out and develop one heck of a friendship.

While school officials are doing nefarious things, student X comes along to shake up the status quo and fight to right the wrongs of the school administration. As Ra Eun learns a secret about Tae Woon, the two become very close – best friend kind of close. It slowly evolves into a great romance. And yes, for a high school drama, I absolutely loved these two. They set the bar awfully high in terms of high school romances, so it may be a while before I recover and think of trying another.

You can watch School 2017 on Viki.

Final Thoughts.

I can’t believe I’ve already made it to Part 3 of Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar. Fan videos are really a treasure and I enjoy finding the ones that tug at my heart strings the most. I hope the videos I put together bring you back to all the moments where you loved these couples as well.

As a reminder, Part 1 and Part 2 are also available to enjoy and read.

Did you enjoy Part 3 of Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar? I didn’t have as many couples to add to this round. Stay tuned for episode 4 as I’ll surely be back to watching more dramas that even before. Please let me know your thoughts below. I enjoy your likes and reading your feedback. If you’re new to It Started With A K-Drama, I hope you stay and subscribe.

XOXO, Andrea.



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