2018 Upcoming K-Dramas, Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve had a breath to sit down and talk dramas. February was a busier month than expected, but I accomplished a lot of things in the real world. My challenge this month is to continue working on my time management between real life and this blog. I am still chipping away at my review of Just Between Lovers, so that will be coming shortly. I loved that drama to bits and I want to convey that love and appreciation through a solid review.

That said, there’s no better way to jump back into blogging than by delving deep into dramas. I thought I’d take some time to talk about a few upcoming projects that have been announced to air in 2018.

Lawless Lawyer: This drama will star Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji. Jun Ki’s character sounds like the lawyer version of Jin Goo’s role in Untouchable that I finished recently. Much like Jin Goo’s Untouchable character, Jun Ki’s is a lawyer who is known for using his fists. He is motivated by revenge after his mother’s death when he was just a child. I’m curious about what we can expect from LJK here. I’m assuming we’ll have a very calculating, tough character that probably carefully guards his heart after the death of his mother. But, you know, there’s really no telling. I’m just basing my thoughts on a few possible scenarios since it sounds like this character skirts around laws to bring justice. Hmm.

The female lead is being played by Seo Ye Ji, who I have not seen act in any drama. What I read on wiki is that her character was demoted for attacking a judge. So, it seems that we have two headstrong characters that use their fists. It could be an interesting dynamic as I’m sure they’ll butt heads. I’m a bit on the fence with this premise. It doesn’t begin airing until sometime in May on TvN, so I’m hoping as more details are released and we get some teaser trailers, that I have a little more material to form an opinion on.

According to Han Cinema, this is the synopsis so far:

A gangster lawyer who doesn’t trust the law uses loopholes to win against those in power. He is driven by the desire to avenge his mother.

Gyeryong Fairy Tale: The webtoon trend continues and it looks like we’re in for a romantic fairytale-esque drama. “The Woodcutter and His Fairy” is a Korean folklore that I’m not familiar enough, but it’s got my curiosity piqued enough to do a little research. I can be a little iffy about reincarnation stories, but there’s just something so charming and whimsical sounding about this drama. Fingers crossed it’s as good as my mind is making it out to be! Gyeryong Fairy Tale will star Kang So Ra and Yoon Hyun Min. I’ve seen both act in a few dramas. I really enjoyed her in Warm & Cozy (Jeju Island’s Gatsby) and Misaeng. It sounds like it’s going to be fun and quirky, especially Kang So Ra’s character, as she’s a fairy who is also a barista and can talk to plants. I don’t know much about the webtoon/folklore, so I wonder if the plants talk back? Definitely something I will be researching as I look further into the roots of this folklore.

As for Yoon Hyun Min, his character is apparently a biologist. I haven’t seen Hyun Min in any leading roles, but I have watched a few dramas where he has had minor roles. Most notable for me is Beating Again, where he played quite a villainous and evil character. I also remember him from Beautiful Mind, but his role wasn’t quite as memorable as it was in Beating Again, so I really want to see him take on this charming and handsome biologist role.

Despite the limited information, I’ve actually really excited for this. Gyeryong Fairy Tale will also air on TvN.

According to Han Cinema, this is the synopsis so far:

Based on webtoon that draws from the traditional Korean folk tale, “The Woodcutter and the Fairy”, this drama is a modern twist on the tale of a 699-year-old fairy waits for her love to be re-incarnated through the ages. She currently works as a barista and can also talk to plants. Her outer appearance seems to be an old woman wearing a red flower, but a few people can see her truth, youthful, beauty.


Mojito: If it’s a romantic comedy, upbeat, and quirky, that’s a triple threat in drama land for me. Mojito is staring Sung Joon who has been charming me ever since I saw him starring in Shut Up! Flower Boy BandIf it’s Sung Joon, I’m always on board. While I haven’t always loved all of his dramas, Mojito sounds like the makings of a great plot. Nothing like a chaebol heir that is literally broke and is running a bar during the daytime. I hope there are a lot of day drinkers in his area or he’s a bit screwed. His fear of the dark should add an interesting dynamic to the usual chaebol heir offerings. (At least, that’s my hope.) I wonder if he’s going to be bratty and mean, a scared kitten, a blend of the two, or something else entirely.

Of course, the female lead, played like Lim Ji Yeon, is broke, which is the norm in drama land. The brief synopsis doesn’t give much to work with, so I don’t even know what the writers have in mind for her character. Will she be a thrifty person when it comes to money? Is she going to be loud and bossy? Will she be quiet and just living diligently through life? Overall, it sounds promising and fun, so I plan to keep a close eye on the release of this drama. It will be airing sometime in 2018 and looks to have the standard sixteen episodes. As details, promotional images, and trailers are released, I will likely be chatting about this one.

“Mojito” is billed as an upbeat romantic comedy about a cash-poor chaebol heir with a fear of the night-time who, for some reason, sets up a bar that only operates during the day. He meets a woman who is used to being broke and the two of them fall in love.

Also, sharing this beautiful gif just because I adore me some Sung Joon in glasses something fierce. Omo. So, what do you think? Any of the upcoming k-dramas catching your attention? I’ve got several more parts planned for this series, so keep a close eye on the blog.


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