K-Drama: Is ‘Just Between Lovers’ Worth The Emotional Turmoil?

“It’s not only 48 people died, it’s as many as 48 people died.” – Ha Moon Soo

It’s been a long and, sometimes, torturous emotional roller coaster. Really, Just Between Lovers is achingly beautiful and sincere of its character portrayals and their struggles. I must reiterate that this is not an easy drama to watch or stomach.

Just Between Lovers is rife with tragedy and despair, but through that pain, our characters learn and grow. There is always a thread of hope running parallel to the story. This is not an upbeat drama. This is not a romantic comedy. The mood is a bit depressing, but I think it’s important to note that it isn’t all despair and negativity. There are positives that come out of this drama and, me personally, I readily recommend Just Between Lovers.

If a drama can make me think long after it ends, it’s a pretty special story. What’s even more significant and special is when the story teaches great lessons and gives hope and chances for healing. I have come out of Just Between Lovers with a stronger need to be a better me — not just for those around me but for myself; I also have a deeper need to work hard on the relationships in my life. Truly, this drama will make you realize just how precious family is. And while it’s something we already know, sometimes our crazy lives make us lose sight of that. Anytime a drama can make me want to be a better person in my own life, I know it’s left a significant impact on me.

Personal connections to the story aside, I just want to state that Just Between Lovers is a beautifully poignant story. It doesn’t shy away from the hard or difficult moments in lives. If you’re an emotional person like I am, I can guarantee you will cry buckets while watching this drama. But, as I mentioned before, it’s not all that way. This is a melodrama and the drama runs the show, but the characters, acting, connections, story, and so many more details will make this worth mucking through the difficult times.

At the end of the day, I highly recommend this series. Just don’t forget to have a box of tissues handy.

A series recap will be coming this week. Stay tuned! If you’re still nervous about taking the plunge on an angsty melodrama, I hope I can convince you to give it a chance through my series review. I also finished up Untouchable this weekend, so I need to review that as well. Hopefully, I’ll get some good content to

If you’d like to read more of my thoughts and previous posts on this drama, you can find them here and here.


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