K-Drama: Is ‘Untouchable’ On Your Radar?

I’ve been quietly watching Untouchable from week-to-week.

Untouchable is a gritty, darker look into the wealthy and powerful world of Bukcheon, a fictional city in South Korea. In Bukcheon, the Jang family have served as leaders for three generations. Their reign and rule of the city has been anything but clean and honest.  If there’s any kind of corruption going on in Bukcheon, it seems like there’s always a direct connection to the Jang family. Their presence is felt everywhere — from the police station to low-level criminals.

Stories about power plays to be the wealthiest and most powerful aren’t anything particularly groundbreaking, especially not in k-drama land. And Untouchable has that in spades, especially the clashing between the Jang brothers. There are small moments where you’ll smile or laugh, but they’re usually outweighed by darker content.

I wouldn’t say that I’m loving this drama. I do enjoy it and it has a lot going for it, but I’m not completely hooked, which makes me a little sad. There is great acting and great content to be had, but I have this strange feeling of something being off or missing. I’m hoping that I’ll feel more satisfied once I catch up and things start falling into place.

What do you think? Are you watching Untouchable? How is it meeting your expectations?

P.S. I will talking more in depth about this drama over the weekend or early next week. I have two more episodes and I’ll be up to date with this series. Despite some minor issues, I do like this drama and want to touch base on what’s working and what isn’t working.


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