10 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Just Between Lovers’

just between lovers

  1. The story doesn’t shy away from the difficult mental duress our leads are suffering. They experienced a very traumatic event that has stayed with them through adulthood. What I most appreciate about this drama is that it doesn’t forget the pain and suffering our leads are experiencing in favor of other content.  Instead, the story peels back each characters many layers in a very, natural, believable timeline.
  2. Junho (from 2 PM) is outstanding for being a newbie actor and his work here deserves to be commended. Everything about his portrayal of Lee Kang Doo is perfection. Whether it’s an emotional breakdown or one of Kang Doo’s rare smiles, Junho brings so much depth and awareness to this character.
  3. The beauty of Just Between Lovers is that it nicely showcases how the same traumatic event can affect everyone differently. No one reacts to a situation exactly the same as the next person, and that level of realism makes the story more honest and compelling to watch.
  4. Won Jin Ah is also knocking it out of the park as Moon Soo. While her character is tiny and quiet at times, she’s fiercely determined and family loyal.
  5. The soundtrack. I know k-dramas can sometimes feel tedious and eye-roll worthy when the same couple of songs play throughout the episodes, but they are such great songs that I can’t help but love them. They do such a great job building up to pivotal moments. I would definitely recommend checking out the soundtrack.
  6. Oh my, the chemistry! Junho and Jin Ah really have a natural chemistry that breathes life into their characters. They have a great repertoire and come across very natural in their interactions with one another especially.
  7. Let’s not forget the slow burn romance. Romance is typically slow in k-dramas, which isn’t surprising, but what’s nice about it in this aspect is that we get to spend a ton of time watching our leads grow and develop an amazing friendship.
  8. The emotional impact. Let me take a minute to stress that this is a very emotional story. You will laugh out laugh and you will cry ugly tears. It’s emotionally draining but in a good way. It all feels authentic as we learn more about our characters inner demons and struggles. Those emotional moments make it so much easier to connect to the characters
  9. The plot is not a crazy train. It’s well thought out and slowly chugs along, gaining more momentum and revealing more tidbits to keep the story going. Thanks to a plot that makes sense and doesn’t try to be too ambitious, the pacing feels just right. There may be subplots and small side stories, but it seems that everything is connected somehow. I really appreciate that attention to detail.
  10. And last but not least, I love the poignant use of the flashback sequences. There is so much to love–like the slow burn romance the writers have carefully crafted, but I really appreciate the use of the flashbacks. It’s enough to shed some light on the big traumatic event with the S Mall collapse, but it does so in a way that you’re only given a puzzle piece at a time.

And there you have it! A quick list 10 reasons to watch Just Between Lover. I have to admit that this my favorite k-drama right now. It’s the right blend of everything for me. No drama is perfect, but I think this one comes pretty darn close.



  1. I read a recap of episode 1 recently and then had to stop myself as the read was so interesting that I thought “Damn! I should be watching this instead of just reading the recap!” Your 10 reasons further prove that I have to squeeze it in somehow 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Okay, people seem so obsessed with this drama. I saw that it has like over a thousand comments on Dramabeans which is crazy by itself. But isn’t it super sad. Like crying buckets of tears and then you die, sad?

    But since you mentioned the soundtrack, I kind of want to check it out for that. Kdramas have the best soundtracks.

    1. V, this drama is quite heavy. As in an emotional mess heavy. I’ve only watched up to episode 14, but I can tell you that you’ll cry at parts.

      As a melodrama, this series really tugs at the heartstrings, but the story and acting makes all of it worth it for me.

      I prefer lighter dramas as I’m an emotional sap. I cry easy, so I definitely had some ugly crying moments here. But it’s not all sad. There are lighter and hopeful moments as well. Here’s to hoping this one doesn’t end tragically. I don’t do well with sad endings.

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