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K-Drama: ‘Oh My Grace’ Review

Well, Oh My Grace was certainly an interesting drama that left me with a lot to think about. That’s a pretty impressive feat considering just how short this pint-sized drama was. Please feel free to check out all of the good and bad.


  1. This mini drama suffered from a severe case of disorder that left me baffled by series end. The premise is that a struggling, NYC fashion designer, Grace, is trying to make it in the fashion industry. Things are going terribly for her and she ends up magically waking up in South Korea. No further explanation on how it works or why, but I was still willing to suspend belief and hang in there hoping it would get better.
  2. The directing and editing was a hot mess. Things just jumped around from one scene to another and it was distracting just how disjointed it was.
  3. The plot. Seriously, I understand the intentions, but this plot was just too ambitious for its own good. There was no time to get to know the characters; there was no time to develop the plot. Instead, things just kept jumping around and we were left with far more questions than answers.
  4. What the what with that ending? I can accept an open ending. They’re not my favorite, but I can respect leaving things open to interpretation in some capacities. An open ending for this series? Terrible idea. This felt more like a rough draft than a final product and that really hurt this drama. How in the world is this guy able to transport to NYC to chase after Grace?
  5. If this was supposed to be a learning experience or second chance for Grace, it didn’t seem like it. Sure, she spent her time working in a high end boutique while in Korea, but what was the point and what did she get out of it when she went back to NYC? It just felt like a bunch of things happened but nothing was actually realized or different at the end of the day.


  1. With what little substance the actors had to work with, it could have been worse. I’m giving them a thumbs up for trying even though it was super cringe-worthy.
  2. Grace Subervi, who plays Grace, speaks fluent English and Korean. I felt like she was so on point when she was speaking Korean, but her English acting was a bit awkward and stiff.

3. In theory, the idea for this drama was cute. But that’s it.

4. For what it’s worth, this put me on Kim Kyung Kwan’s radar. He was one of the few bright spots in this series.

5. Perfect size drama to binge-watch without losing sleep.

At the end of the day, I don’t regret watching this drama. It had its cute moments, but it offered little else. If you don’t care about plots or character development, it’s not half bad. But if you care about the hows and whys, be prepared that very little is resolved. Maybe, at the end of the day, you’ll smile after watching this drama, but I just felt a little disappointed, especially since the trailer made this drama seem so much more appealing than it turned out to be.


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