5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘School 2017’

Are you ready to take on a high school drama?

Give those sageuks and melodramas a break! Today, I’m here to give you 5 reasons why you need to be watching this drama right now. And never fear, there’s only one more week of episodes left, so it’s not too early to get you binge-watch on and catch up!

ONE. Life lessons for all! There’s nothing more satisfying than characters learning and growing from their mistakes. We see far too many dramas where it takes an eternity for any real character growth to happen. Sometiems it never happens at all. Growing pains are a reality of life, so this drama gets two thumbs up for injecting so many life lessons many of us can honestly apply to the real world. Whether it’s the kids or the adults, there are many great arcs in School 2017 that gives our characters a foothold and a chance to better themselves. One of my favorite things about this series is how seriously and earnestly these issues are handled. Everyone is battling their own demons and the show gives them the power and spotlight to confront theirs to keep the story moving forward.

TWO. Give me bromance and give me love! A lot can happen in high school. Friendships and relationships can change a lot throughout the course of high school. Some friendships are tested. New friendships are forged. Some relationships end while others are just beginning. The great thing about School 2017 is we are given the ability to experience various states of relationships, which feels really organic and realistic.

THREE. Our leads are pretty daebak! I came to this drama with an open heart and open mind. Kim Jung Hyun (1990) was recently on my radar from his work in Bing Goo. This is Kim Se Jeong’s first acting gig. Even though they both have very limited acting experience, their acting here is stellar. Body language is everything and it sells our lead characters interactions better when they’re actually comfortable with one another.

FOUR. Three cheers for the underdogs! In School 2017, there are plenty of underdogs. Take Kim Se Jeong’s character, Ra Eun Ho. She’s ranked at the bottom of her class, comes from a humble not affluent family, and is treated like a second class citizen at her own school. And she’s not the only one. If the students are not the best, they’ll be bullied by fellow students, teachers, and/or other administration staff. When your entire worth is based off of grades alone, high school and the future after high school seem really bleak. What’s great about Ra Eun Ho’s character is that she’s a pillar of hope for all. She studies poorly, but is excellent at drawing and wants to draw webtoons for a living. She fights the status quo and inspires those around her to be better and stand up. If you enjoy a good story where the characters at the underdogs, this is a great one.

FIVE. Masquerading and fighting for a cause. Welcome Student X! He hides under a black hoodie and like Ra Eun Ho, he’s tired of the corruption. He works behind the scenes to put the immoral administration, mainly the terrible principal, in his place. Everyone is on the hunt for X and exposing his identity. Can he continue his fight for justice without being found out?

P.S. Don’t worry if you were hoping for a longer list. Next Monday and Tuesday are the last batch of episodes, and I plan to post my series review then. I may also do a part 2 of this post as time permits. (I am currently playing catchup and trying to get out reviews of some dramas I’ve finished recently. Such as Perfect Match (T-Drama) and The Bride of the Water God.




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