K-Drama: ‘School 2017’

Let’s talk School 2017! For a high school drama, this is really exceeding a lot of my expectations. I wasn’t convinced of the story or plot by episode one, but by episode three, I was hooked. It doesn’t take long for the story to heat up.

Good things take time to develop and I think this drama is hitting a lot of good notes so far. Some of the other characters make time drag as their screentime isn’t enough to keep me interested. That’s just a minor issue, though.

Also, I am loving Tae Woon. I am not that familiar with the actor, but he’s doing some good work here. If you haven’t watched Bing Goo yet, it’s on Viki and only two hour-long episodes. That’s how he ended up my radar and I gave School 2017 a fair shot. So far, I’m loving Ra Eun and Tae Woon.

Are you watching this drama? What do you think? Better than you thought? A complete miss?

As I’m 29, I don’t seek out many high school dramas as they have an irritatingly juvenile theme to them (it’s high school), but there are a few exceptions to my rules. I’m pretty happy that we’re seeing all kinds of characters in different situations. They are growing and learning. Our leads also have a nice air of maturity to them. I think it helps that the adults seem to be the ones with the most to learn.

Stay tuned as I plan to post my overview of the first half of the series after I catch today’s episode.



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