Month: August 2017


5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘School 2017’

Are you ready to take on a high school drama?

Give those sageuks and melodramas a break! Today, I’m here to give you 5 reasons why you need to be watching this drama right now. And never fear, there’s only one more week of episodes left, so it’s not too early to get you binge-watch on and catch up!

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K-Drama: ‘My Only Love Song’ Brief Review

Good morning to all my fellow ‘K’ fans out there. Things have been kind of crazy at work and home lately. Not that it’s an excuse, but I’ve had a tough time lately. I’ve been emotionally and physically drained these past few months as there have been a lot of changes to my job and my responsibility. Not that I have an issue with that, mind you. My issue is that I’ve been in a strange place mentally. I’ve been going through the motions and lost my interest in watching dramas for a bit there. After Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, things took a turn for the worse at work, and this blog suffered for a few months.

Nonetheless, I love my job. We’re just coming into our busiest time of the year, so stress plays a huge factor in my drama watching.

I attempted to get into the swing of things last month, but when blogging is your hobby and real life strikes, priorities are shifted again. On top of my continued internet woes, I haven’t exactly been a happy camper. It’s okay to be moody. It’s okay to watch dramas and not talk about them. But it’s so relaxing when I can throw all of my energy into talking dramas for a while.

Whining aside, I’m here to talk about a newer k-drama on Netflix called My Only Love Song.

It’s a time slip, fusion historical drama. I watched it as it aired on Netflix in June but I’ve been a little quiet as I’m not entirely sure where I stand with this drama.

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K-Drama: ‘Bride of the Water God’ Poll

Hi readers! I’m currently watching Bride of the Water God and I thought it was time to take a poll. If you’re watching, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. After I catch up on today’s episode, I will be talking in depth about this one and School 2017 as these are the two k-dramas I’ve limited to myself in this round of dramas.



K-Drama: ‘School 2017’

Let’s talk School 2017! For a high school drama, this is really exceeding a lot of my expectations. I wasn’t convinced of the story or plot by episode one, but by episode three, I was hooked. It doesn’t take long for the story to heat up.

Good things take time to develop and I think this drama is hitting a lot of good notes so far. Some of the other characters make time drag as their screentime isn’t enough to keep me interested. That’s just a minor issue, though.

Also, I am loving Tae Woon. I am not that familiar with the actor, but he’s doing some good work here. If you haven’t watched Bing Goo yet, it’s on Viki and only two hour-long episodes. That’s how he ended up my radar and I gave School 2017 a fair shot. So far, I’m loving Ra Eun and Tae Woon.

Are you watching this drama? What do you think? Better than you thought? A complete miss?

As I’m 29, I don’t seek out many high school dramas as they have an irritatingly juvenile theme to them (it’s high school), but there are a few exceptions to my rules. I’m pretty happy that we’re seeing all kinds of characters in different situations. They are growing and learning. Our leads also have a nice air of maturity to them. I think it helps that the adults seem to be the ones with the most to learn.

Stay tuned as I plan to post my overview of the first half of the series after I catch today’s episode.