What to do when you don’t know what k-drama to watch?

Note: I realized I abandoned this series after the first post in June of 2014. As my continued effort to keep this blog constant, I will try to keep pumping out these kinds of posts between dramas and reviews.

What should I watch next?

I feel like this is the million dollar question. This one, seemingly simple, question is full of endless possibilities that depends on a variety of factors.

Have you watched rom-com after rom-com and are now sick to death of them? Maybe you binged a few too many psychological thrillers and now you can’t sleep at night? Maybe you’re sick to death of a million and one doctor dramas? Or maybe your biggest problem is the selection? What the heck do you do when there are so many k-dramas on your list that you can’t decide where to begin? Otoke?!

Never fear drama fans, I’m here to help!

These are tried and true methods that I’ve actually used. Maybe one of these options will work for you. After Strong Woman Do Bong Soon wrapped up, I’ve been in a serious drama lull. I just couldn’t find something that appealed to me, so I thought what would be better than looking through my ‘to watch’ list and employ some of the below methods.

  1. If you’ve got a long list of dramas that you haven’t touched and don’t know where to start, assign each drama a number. Say you have a list with 50 dramas on it. Number each one 1-50. Plug in those numbers at and let fate decide where you begin. This method is especially useful for those of us who are indecisive. May the odds ever be in your favor!
  2. If you’ve found a new actor/actress that you adore to pieces (and they’ve been in more than one drama) put together a list of their oldest to newest dramas and start with the oldest and work your way to the most recent. There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing your latest bias back-to-back with binge-watches.
  3. Pick any trope you love, commit to it, and find a drama on your list that fits the bill. Does your heart soar for a good Gender Bender drama? Maybe a Rom-Com? Maybe doctor dramas are the key to your heart? Whatever it is, find a trope/cliché that you never get tired of and find your next drama that way. Love Gender Benders and Gong Yoo but have never watched Coffee Prince? There you go! You’ve got your next drama.
  4. Maybe you’re pressed for time and you want to binge-watch something without the huge commitment? There are plenty of web dramas out there that are pint-sized and easy to finish in one sitting without feeling too bad about your life choices. (We’ve all been there!)

If you’ve got any tips for choosing your next drama, let me know. I am always looking for new methods to keep my drama addiction alive.


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