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K-Drama: ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ Review

my girlfriend is a gumiho


It’s going to be very difficult for me to articulate just the level of impact My Girlfriend is a Gumiho left.

I’ve waited a full week to really gauge my feelings on this drama. I loved this one so much that I wanted to take a step back and make sure I wasn’t wearing blinders. But even after that time has passed, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho still makes me giddy. When a drama is everything it’s supposed to be, you can’t help but feel victorious.

my girlfriend is a gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is centered around the very selfish and spoiled college student, Dae Woong. At a young age, he lost both of his parents and was raised by his doting grandfather. (This is like a modern day reversal of Shopping King Louis’s situation with his grandmother). Dae Woong has never “wanted” much of anything because an endless stream of money has always been at his disposal. His dream is to be an action star.

Sadly, he doesn’t start out as the most likable guy, but Lee Seung Gi can charm the pants off of anyone with his cute smile, so it’s not much of a stretch to give his character, Dae Woong a chance. It isn’t the easiest of roads as it takes some time for Dae Woong to break bad habits and act like a halfway decent human being, but we get there eventually. Hurrah, hurrah!

my girlfriend is a gumiho

Our female lead, Mi Ho, is a Gumiho — a nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology. After being trapped in a painting for 500 years, she scares Dae Woong into drawing nine tails on the fox, which releases her from the painting. Mi Ho’s story is quite tragic and sad. If I were in her shoes, I don’t know how I would’ve handled 500 years of being trapped. It’s the definition of a crap shoot, and my heart bleeds for her. Nonetheless, she’s a fun and feisty, meat-loving Gumiho. There’s nothing she wants more than to be human, which means she has to stick close to Dae Woong for help. She has a very bright and sunny disposition, which Shin Min Ah sells perfectly.

my girlfriend is a gumiho

Things take an interesting turn when Mi Ho becomes entwined with No Min Woo’s character, Park Dong Joo. He has a really sharp and edgy hairdo. Sadly, even as he’s promoted as the villain, the roughest and sharpest thing about him is his hair. He’s really more of a petulant child in an adult body — that and he wields fantastical weaponry.

Within the first five minutes of screen time, I’ve already had enough of him. By series end, I felt a twinge of sadness for Dong Joo. Things have not been easy for him, either, but this drama made it nearly impossible to sympathize with him most of the time. A little too much too late.

He deceived Mi Ho from the get go by not explaining that her efforts to becoming human is going to kill the one person she cares about most — Dae Woong. Hey Dong Joo, total dick move! I can safely say I never had a single moment of second lead syndrome him. I never really connected with his character, either. He was just kind of there — getting in the way and filling Mi Ho’s head with half truths. If I’m to get on board with the second male lead, I assure you, that’s not the way to do it.

my girlfriend is a gumiho

Dae Woong and Mi Ho clash a lot as they live together under the pretense that they’re dating. Initially, he’s petrified of Mi Ho and is often cowering or staring at her like a monster. (But Dae Woong freed Mi Ho and she, in turn, saved him. Their lives become entangled from this moment on.)

While Dae Woong is recovering from his life-threatening fall (thanks to Mi Ho’s fox bead healing him), he has to stay close to Mi Ho. As time passes, Dae Woong ends up holding the fox bead for 100 days so that Mi Ho can become human. (The whole time I’m grumbling under my breath about Dong Joo’s lack of discretion here.)

my girlfriend is a gumiho

It’s during these 100 days that our leads start to naturally grow closer and more fond of the other. Dae Woong develops sincere feelings for his cute gumiho, but it’s not full steam ahead. We’re temporarily thwarted by Dong Joo, Dae Woong’s grandfather, and his Noona, Eun Hye In’s, attempts to keep them separated. You know, those blasted, typical k-drama hi jinks. Thankfully, they don’t disrupt our leads too much. And yes, ‘too’ is really the operate word here as I hated every moment that anyone tried to separate these two.

my girlfriend is a gumiho

my girlfriend is a gumiho

After a few hiccups, the cutest k-drama characters of all time finally get together. I’m screaming “daebak” at the top of my lungs and sharing my elation on social media. I’m running to photoshop and making cute art because how can I not when these two are so damn cute? But even in the throes of euphoria, there’s that niggling little fact: someone is going to die when 100 days are up. Plus, Mi Ho finally gets Dong Joo to disclose on the total truth of what the fox bead is doing to Dae Woong.

Mi Ho and Dae Woong’s happiness is officially on borrowed time. Just great. Thanks Dong Joo!

I knew this time was coming, but when it finally came, all of the preparation in the world couldn’t prepare me for the tears. Oh, the ugly crying. If I’m going to be crying my eyes out over k-drama characters, there better be a satisfying ending. I’m an eternal optimist and hopeless romantic — I feed off of my k-dramas.

my girlfriend is a gumiho

Thankfully, the drama gods serve us a happy ending. But, if you want my advice, keep tissues on standby and maybe one of your drama BFF’s. The last thirty minutes of this drama will resort to really, really ugly crying. It’s heartbreaking when Mi Ho disappears for real. This is a devastating blow to Dae Woong. But more than that, I sorely miss Mi Ho’s presence–that’s how stellar Shin Min Ah’s acting is here.

Fast forward to a year later and Dae Woong has hit it big as an action star. Sadly, he’s still heartbroken over Mi Ho. As if the Hong Sisters feel we’ve reached our threshold of emotional pain, they throw us a bone. (Because as cute as Director Ban and Dae Woong’s aunt’s kid is, he’s still not the cuteness level of Mi Ho and Dae Woong. Sorry, not sorry.)

Through a solar eclipse, Mi Ho makes her grand return. I don’t care why or how it’s happened–the universe has granted Mi Ho and Dae Woong a second chance to really be together. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but it was just a satisfying ending that left a smile on my face.

Final Verdict:

My Gilfriend is a Gumiho earns an A. In my book, this is Hong Sister’s gold. Their classic touches are all over this drama. As a bonus, there’s a happy ending. Although, I have to admit, I was sweating it out there in the end. Some dramas really make you work for that happy ending.

If you’re looking for a drama that promotes pure, selfless, unwavering love, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho will not disappoint. In fact, it knocked it straight out of the park for me. I’m more familiar with Lee Seung Gi’s work (who I adore), but this drama really made me love Shin Min Ah. I thought she was great in Oh My Venus and I could relate to her character so much, but there’s just something about her acting and work here that really makes Gumiho stand out for me. 5 stars, Shin Min Ah!

P.S. If you’re trying to diet, you may might to binge-watch this one in moderation. The characters are often eating a lot of food, especially Mi Ho. Whether it was meat, chicken, or side dishes, this girl could probably eat her own weight in food.

P.P.S. Before I leave, please enjoy the cutest freaking moment in k-drama history (for me at least).

my girlfriend is a gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho also made my list on Lead Couples That Still Make My Heart Soar Part 3.



  1. I wanted to try this drama before because I saw this video and I love the song although it’s about the second male lead but I was not a fan of LSG and SMN but I heard great reviews about it and you seem to love it so I might try to watch it.

    1. Everyone has different taste, but for what it’s worth, I had so much fun watching this drama. If you do decide to give it a try, let me know what you think. This drama isn’t without faults, but I laughed, cried, and binge-watched this one so hard. I don’t get overly passionate or emotive over many k-dramas, but when I do, they’re usually the ones that end up retaining a special place in my heart like this one did. Best of luck if you give this one a try.

  2. My wife and I occasionally watch k-drama, and I chose this Show solely based on its high rating & and Mi Ho’s cute expression on the promo poster with her all dressed up & leaning back into Woong. We wanted something light & fluffy for our next drama, and this seemed like it’d fit the bill.
    Oh, how wrong I was.
    Now, nearly two days after finishing it, I still don’t feel my normal self. This show affected me in ways that I’m struggling to understand. My eyes still well up when I think about some of the touching/tragic exchanges between Mi Ho & Woong. To have this effect (on a 40yo male), it must be nothing less than an absolutely brilliant piece of storytelling, or I’m a massive softie. One or the other.
    Under the often silly face value that my wife couldn’t see past (she gave up on it), there’s such rich and delicious sentiment, and a beautiful love story that grew into soul-cracking, tear/snot inducing intensity. Also, despite the (thankfully) happy ending, I feel sad. I think it’s partially because I’ve been so abruptly thrown out of Mi Ho & Woong’s story. I can no longer spend time with them, and I miss them. I’ve disappeared from their world forever and I know I can’t ever go back to share in their future adventures.
    This has been the best K-drama I’ve seen to date, maybe not for entertainment, but for its ability to burrow deep under my skin and force out such strong emotions. I’ll watch it again someday, but for now I’ll be putting my tail between my legs and opting for something lighter.

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