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Novel Writing: Initial Research & A Poll

Don’t get too excited because I don’t make any kind of promises, but I’m in the very beginning stages of planning a novel inspired by k-dramas. Research is very important to me. So before I really delve deep into potential plots or characters, I wanted to take things back to the basics and ask the questions that you’d all know best. I’m just testing out the waters and seeing where things may lead. Please be aware that this is not a sure thing at this stage, but I want to prepare accordingly and see if this is something I could pull off. Any good story needs a solid foundation, so before I go ahead and get any big ideas, I just want to put a couple of ‘feeler’ questions out there. And here is the first:

When it comes to a k-drama, what makes it a k-drama for you? Besides the characters being Korean and speaking language, what quintessential elements do you expect to see? And to add onto that, I added a poll where you can selective your favorite k-drama cliches/tropes.

I’m aware there are many tropes out there, but as I don’t really have a solid idea to even start writing yet, my goal was to reach out to all of the lovely people that know best: my fellow k-drama readers! So, what do you say? Help a girl out? My k-drama of choices are rom com’s, so I’m more partial to writing a rom com novel, but absolutely nothing is set in stone yet.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Hope everyone is having a good week. I’m just getting back into my groove after suffering for six days with the flu from hell.



  1. I’ve noticed a lot of Kdramas have incredibly intimate feeling scenes that involve zero kissing/sex whatsoever–maybe not even a hand hold. Like towel drying someone’s hair, speaking in close confines in a phonebooth, feeding somebody/making them food (it’s my dream to feed my husband pudding one day), or other simple acts.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I love this element of k-dramas. The intimate moments are so subtle but yet so powerful. Sometimes less is really more.

  2. ^That is what I love about Kdramas, too. Also, I can’t help but love the second lead syndrome. But be careful when you write that–you will give yourself SLS and find yourself writing a whole other book for the jilted second lead haha!

    I think it would be fun to see a gender swap Kdrama book. You know, where the girl pretends to be a guy and all that. That’s one of my favorites!

    1. The benefit is that SLS lead you to writing another book, so you can gladly do it again and again lol. No complaints here. Plus, I’m all for the poor second lead finally getting his girl!

      Gender swap is a neat idea. I almost forgot all about that! Thanks for the feedback. It’s really turning the wheels in my mind. Gosh, the possibilities are so endless.

  3. I thought of my fave Korean and other Asian dramas. Most of them have these: gender bender, reverse harem, music theme, contract marriage, cohabitation, childhood sweethearts, alpha female x beta male 🙂

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