10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘Voice’

  1. This is not your typical crime drama. Instead, the content in Voice is much, much darker as we’re dealing with various states of psychological disorders. The characters committing crimes cause various states of emotion.
  2. The connections. A lot of the time, I feel like I’m playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (also known as Six Degrees of Separation). There’s definitely corruption going on, and I find it intriguing as I try to piece together everyone’s connections.
  3. Jang Hyuk is a rock star here. Whether it’s his one-of-a-kind laugh from Fated To Love You or his brilliant performance as an unfeeling surgeon in Beautiful Mind, this is one actor I look forward to watching as he breathes so much life and dimension to his characters. Voice has been mind blowing and one of the most satisfying things of this drama so far is seeing Moo Jin Hyuk better himself and rise up from the traumas of his path. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Jang Hyuk, I find him to be excellent and convincing here.
  4. A killer soundtrack. These two songs are a masterpiece and I’m playing them heavy on repeat. The one by Yuna Kim particularly gives me shivers whenever I listen to it — especially when it’s playing during a really intense/important moment during the series.

  5. Lee Ha Na has been the biggest surprise for me. While she wasn’t my first pick for Kwon Joo, she does a convincing job and has a good reportoire with Jang Hyuk.
  6. The stories. There is one central plot that carries throughout this series. Between that, we do get to see the Golden Time Team in action and working together on other cases. Sometimes they’re related to our central plot and sometimes they’re not.
  7. If you like your police/crime dramas to adopt a case-of-the-week style (think I Remember You [aka Hello Monster]), Voice will have a similar feel.
  8. We have a unique concept for this crime drama. Our main character is a voice profiler who works for the 112 Emergency Call Center (Korea’s version of America’s 911 Emergency Call Center). Her ability to hear things that others can’t adds an interesting dimension to this series.
  9. All around the board, the acting is solid. Whether the character is around for only one episode or is recurring (but not a main character), their stories are still strong and the acting behind it makes this series more chilling.
  10. Each episode is a whopping 70 some odd minutes. It’s a good length as some of the stories bleed into another episode and we actually have a decent amount of time to explore stories, characters, and arcs. Plus, this gives a more time to flesh out the crimes and our central plot. It may sound like a lot, but the longer episodes fit the format of Voice very well.


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