K-Drama: ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ Coming to Netflix

If you’re a fan of Lee Kwang Soo, the adorable giraffe and BFF to Song Joong Ki, you’ll be able to see him in the web drama The Sound of Your Heart. This drama, based on a webtoon, aired last year on Naver TV Cast. It is not available on Viki or DramaFever. In an interesting turn of events, The Sound of Your Heart (all ten episodes) will be available on Netflix on February 24th. It is being called a Netflix Original Series, so this breeds the question: is Netflix getting in on the k-drama game? The answer isn’t clear or definite, but it’s certainly worth thinking about as Netflix continues to grow and provide more original content.

(I apologize if this is old news to anyone. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not on top of anything that goes on with Netflix, but I thought the information was worth sharing!)

Lately, I’ve noticed that there are more k-dramas available than ever on Netflix. I don’t have numbers or proof to back myself, but k-dramas must be generating a lot of hits on Netflix. (That’s my hunch.) Either that or they took a chance on something different. (And something different is certainly something Netflix excels at.) But, generally speaking, I’m not the biggest fan of Netflix Original Series as I find a lot of them weird and hard to get into, but I’m actually looking forward to this one.

P.S. Don’t forgot to click the link above. For 2018, Netflix is turning Love Alarm (a graphic novel by Chon Kye Young) into a live action drama as well. Here’s the actual press release from Netflix. I can’t wait to see how Love Alarm does next year. Any chance to have more choices of k-dramas is a chance I won’t let pass on be. And ever since I lost my grandfathered Netflix price, I’ve been wondering if paying $10.79 a month is worth it since I spend most of my drama watching on Viki or DramaFever. I may have just found a good incentive to stick around a little longer. Let’s see what you’ve got, Netflix! 


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