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K-Drama: ‘My Shy Boss’ Brief Overview [Ep 1 – 4)


I’ve been anxious, nail-biting anxious in fact, to see Yeon Woo Jin as a leading actor again. Marriage Not Dating is my go-to k-drama rom com. Woo Jin and Han Groo just stole my heart week after week. And while he has been in Divorce Lawyer in Love, I haven’t found the interest or inspiration to try that one just yet. But if you have watched and enjoyed it, you are welcome to lay it on thick. Work your k-drama magic on me. But back to the story at hand–My Shy Boss has really impressed me with it’s blend of comedy, sincerity, and also the realistic portrayal of social disorders.

My only complaint is that the first four episodes don’t really accomplish a lot, so if you’re the type that likes a fast moving story, you’ll probably be frustrated here. I happen to love slow stories as long as the character growth, story, and plot play out nicely. And boy, am I loving Yeon Woo Jin’s character. From his eyes down to his body language, he embodies this character and all of his shortcomings. The fear, the distrust, the second guessing, the meekness, and just the sadness make me want to wrap Hwan Ki in a hug and never let him know. Yeon Woo Jin is noticably at his best here–even better than in Marriage Not Dating. My heart bleeds as I struggle to watch his character muddle through life and work. Not only is he someone who is struggling, but he’s misunderstood by those around him. They think he’s cold, aloof, and a psychopath.

When his dad has enough and demotes him, I feel an even deeper pain for Hwan Ki, especially when you realize that a lot of his pain and misery is due to his father’s methods of raising him. And that embarrassing moment where young Hwan Ki has a solo during a Christmas concert, but he can’t sing, was equally brutal and heartbreaking. All his father thinks about is having a successful son, and he wants to achieve it by any means necessary. I can only imagine how inadequate adult Hwan Ki is feeling.

And then there’s Chae Ro Woon. I admit, I kind of didn’t like her very much at the beginning. Her character is hard to like a lot of the time, but I realized that I actually liked that about her. While Hwan Ki is about internalizing all of his pain, Ro Woon is more about vocalizing hers. Of course, to everyone else, Ro Woon is just loud, frustrating and quick to judge or act, but when you see how much she’s hurting from her older sister’s “supposed” suicide, it starts to paint a different picture of who she is.

We have two different people who are deeply wounded but they just express it in a completely different way. And I really appreciated the honest drunken scene despite it’s level of k-drama cliche. She said a lot of smart things, she felt sorry, and she realized that Hwan Ki isn’t half as bad as she was painting him out to be, so she’s kind of feeling bad. Of course, to add to the k-drama cliche, she passes out in his arms and the episode ends, but it was something Hwan Ki had to hear. We need to get the wheel turning, and I hope Ro Woon can help show Hwan Ki that hiding won’t make him happy. And I’m hoping Hwan Ki can also help Ro Woon find closure and move on from her sister’s death. I believe these two characters can heal each other. It won’t be an easy or fast road, but I think we’ll get there.

Also, I really love our secondary characters. I’m totally suspicious of Kang Il Woo. It could be a k-drama red herring, but I don’t think he’s as good of a person as he appears to be. As I said, I could be totally wrong, but his character does not give me good vibes. But I love the rest of the Silent Monster team and how Hwan Ki chose most of them. To Kang Il Woo, they were the weakest links, but his perspective was very short-sighted. Although he has watched silently, Hwan Ki knows his employees and he sees their strengths and the larger picture. He does more than just sit around and hide, Kang Il Woo.


It’s very, very late here so I apologize for the messy and quick post. I have a lot of feelings for this show and I just wanted to get it out there while it’s fresh in my mind. I will try to post more about this new drama this weekend, but if anyone has any questions in the meantime, I am happy to answer and discuss away. I don’t easily get attached to shows, so I was surprised to see it happen here. Must be Yeon Woo Jin working his k-drama magic on me. Or something. 🙂



  1. So in your opinion who does ro woon’s sister like? Is it hwan ki or ill woo?? I mean the drawing did she really intend to give that to il woo or is it really for hwan ki? Me and my friend is fighting over this lol Im kinda confused cuz i think she has a crush on hwan ki.

    1. In my opinion, Ro Woon’s sister, Ji Hye, definitely liked Ill Woo. I think she was too shy to directly give him the drawing. I only ever felt friendship vibes between Ji Hye and Hwan Ki, but that’s just my opinion. Both Hwan Ki and Ji Hye have a similar shy personality, but I don’t think she liked him romantically and I don’t think that Hwan Ki did either. I don’t know how far you are into the series, but I think episode 5 does a pretty decent job at showing Ji Hye’s feelings as it’s mainly a flashback episode.

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