K-Rom, The Next Frontier

Are you a voracious book reader? Are k-dramas your one true love?

Sings, “You are my destiny.” (Okay, maybe we should skip my terrible singing and carry on.)

If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’ll want to keep reading because you’re about to get the best of both worlds in one package. Does it sound too good to be true? I assure you, that’s not the case here.

Devon and Cornwall, two fellow k-drama fans, have written a book entitled K-Love. Their labor of love falls into the K-Rom category. If you’ve never heard of it before, that’s okay. It’s a whole new genre.

So, what is K-Rom, anyway?

K-Rom is any literature written with the intent to replicate the intensely awesome feels generated by Korean Dramas and similar Asian drama genres. 

Sounds pretty daekbak, right? I know, the idea is blowing my mind. I’ve been hoping such a book genre existed ever since I started watching k-dramas in 2014. To be honest, since my love affair with k-dramas has started, I’ve been bored by any other television. Even books I’d normally love aren’t doing it for me anymore. I’m in a crisis, guys. For months, I read book summaries and nothing calls to me.

Then, I stumbled across Devon and Cornwall’s blog. Once I discovered they were writing a book, (well, already written) I nearly lost it. (And there’s even a second book in the works about a Korean pop star and an American girl crossing paths!) Omo.

I’m asking my readers to get out there and spread the word. Let’s help create K-Rom and make it a book genre to be reckoned with.

Everything you need to know about K-Love is linked below.

K-Rom…What is That?


Plotting and K-Love Excerpt




    1. You’re welcome! Something this fun and innovative should be spread far and wide. Good luck with the editing and self-publishing phase! I’ll be obsessively keeping an eye out for any news. Fighting! 🙂

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