K-Drama: ‘My Shy Boss’ Trailer Reactions & 7 Min Teaser

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As I’m working hard to prioritize my k-drama consumption this year, I came across My Shy Boss (aka Introverted Boss) and knew I had to add it to my ever toppling watch list. Drama watching and the real world is a delicate balance, one that I haven’t quite mastered, but I’ll get there eventually. If I can ever stop those late-night, binge-watches! I’m not holding my breathe on that one, but alas! Let’s get down to business and talk about this new workplace drama that will be airing on tvN.

Warning: This looks to be an exclusive on Drama Fever, so this one won’t be available on Viki right now.

In the first trailer, we meet Eun Hwan Ki, who is trapped in his office because he’s shy. He keeps peeking above the blinds but his co-workers are still working. On the other hand, his co-workers are waiting for Hwan Ki to leave first. It sets up what’s sure to be a very comedic tone to this drama. Will he ever be able to interact with his co-workers or will he continue to hide in his office? As a fellow introvert, I think I’m going to love Eun Hwan Ki’s character simply for his relatability to my own fears and awkward social encounters. Oh, the stress, paranoia and anxiety over social situations – I feel his pain. Furthermore, Hwan Ki seems he’s going to have his work cut out for him as his co-workers all think he’s a stuck up jerk. Hopefully, he can break that stigma with the aid of Chae Ro Woon. It certainly sounds like a good setup for quality character development. Fingers crossed!

In the second trailer, our poor and frightful Eun Hwan Ki, is in a car with Chae Ro Woon. He drums his fingers nervously on the steering wheel and proclaims that he’ll safely put her seat belt on so that they can leave. What ensues is a comedic moment where Ro Woon is reclining backwards in her seat. Awkward meter is through the roof.

In the seven minute preview, we jump right into the story. Chae Woon is attempting to quietly creep down a corridor. She takes her heels off as she approaches the door, knocks, and calls out “boss.” A narrative kicks in, warning that is not someone you want to meet gauzes with. He’s painted to be pretty dark and mysterious. He’s also referred to as an apparition and not a human since he’s so rarely sighted. Due to his social ineptitude, Eun Hwan Ki, is nicknamed the “Silent Monster” as they mistake his shyness for being ignorant and psychotic. He’s about to get some new employees, and it might just be Chae Woon that helps him break free from his introverted world. She’s bubbly, loud, and not afraid to voice her opinions, so she will be an interesting match to Hwan Ki’s meek manner.

If you’re curious, you can read more of the summary here at Drama Fever. I loved Yeon Woo Jin in Marriage, Not Dating. It’s probably my favorite Korean rom-com drama of all time. The writer and director from Marriage, Not Dating have reunited here for My Shy Boss, and I’m hoping they’ll be able to recreate all the fun and magic I had when I first watched that one.

I’m anxious to start 2017 with a new k-drama that’s lighter but deals with heavy material. Social anxiety is scary stuff if you’ve never experienced the crippling fear regularly (aka every single social interaction). I can relate to Hwan Ki’s introverted nature and his social anxiety fears. These are all qualities I embody myself (as I’ve mentioned briefly earlier), and while I’ve come a long way since childhood, I’m still very shy. It’ll be interesting to see how realistic or unrealistic this series handles this topic as it’s one area I have a lot of expertise with.

My Shy Boss airs tomorrow, January 16th, on Drama Fever. I will probably still be at work when the episode is released, but rest assured, I will be coming home to unwind with this drama. Hopefully, I can quickly churn out a “first impressions” post and let everyone know what I think so far.


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  1. Marriage Not Dating is absolutely up there for me! I laughed so much watching that, so maybe I will watch My Shy Boss. I think I’ll wait for your review first, though 😉 What are Kdrama blogging friends for??



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