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K-Drama: ‘Shopping King Louis’ Series Overview

2016 has been good to drama fans. In fact, it’s been so good that I’ve been miffed at my inability to do episode recaps. Plenty of other bloggers do some great recaps, so I didn’t mind it so much, but this was a drama I wish I could have talked about from week to week. That said, we’re focusing on a brief overview of Shopping King Louis and some of my thoughts. It’s not a proper review — it’s more or less a bunch of my thoughts on the series in general and how it impacted me. Many spoilers are ahead. Please keep that in mind before clicking the link below. Thanks!

At a glance, Shopping King Louis isn’t a terribly exciting premise. Who really wants to watch some sheltered, spoiled, chaebol heir spend tons of money with reckless abandon? To make matters more unappealing and contrived, innocent Louis finds himself in a predicament where he loses his memory and becomes an amnesiac. The one saving grace of this premise is that Louis isn’t a bad, narcissistic, or even a violent person. Yes, he spends money lavishly and is waited on hand and foot, but he’s a far cry from the typical chaebol heir. Three cheers for a genuinely nice male lead that stands a chance of getting the girl.

And while I had my fair share of reservations going into Shopping King Louis, it was only right to give this drama a shot because it’s Seo In Guk and I’ve never not liked his work. What I got was so much more amazing than I expected. If there’s any lighter, cute drama that you feel like giving a shot this year, please add this to the top of your list. This one gave me all the cute, warm and fuzzy feels. And with Thanksgiving in the US today, this would be a perfect drama to binge-watch as family and friendship morals and lessons are deeply embedded into the story.

This easily made my top five dramas of the year. Shopping King Louis was penned by Oh Ji Young and she’s entered the k-drama scene and passed with flying colors. Not only is this drama earnest and heartwarming, it’s a story that promotes love. And while it might be a young and innocent love, it’s also a really sweet and endearing love. There was love, devotion, respect, and above all else: trust. Louis constantly throws around that word to Bok Shil and he sincerely means it. Look at all he went through to find her brother because he knew how much that person meant to Bok Shil. It wasn’t about earning brownie points — he just wanted the woman he loves to be the happiest version of herself. Thankfully, Louis never lets her down. Even through his childish and selfish antics, he was all about doing right by Bok Shil.

Sadly, the one negative of this drama is that it pulled the noble idiocy card. Yes, it lasted briefly, but it still leaves me a bit miffed. Bok Shil never has a hard time expressing herself, so I was disappointed that the show tried to go down that road. She was having a really difficult time after learning that her brother was dead (he’s really not, phew!). Needing the time made sense, but I wish she would have been more forthright about it all. Louis really suffered through their “separation” but he quietly kept an eye on her from a distance; Louis understood that she still needed her space and he was content watching from the sidelines until she was ready. If it had been anyone else but Louis, I would have found it borderline stalkerish and creepy, but his intentions are purely good.


Sometimes it feels like you can’t watch a drama without an unnecessary boatload of drama; sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes that’s a bad thing. The real strength of this particular drama is that there are so many good characters with good intentions that it supersedes the rotten apples. It feels like more of an every day drama with every day problems that we can relate to. (Okay, so maybe we’ll never be as lucky as Bok Shil to find love with an amnesiac chaebol heir, but there are a lot of good stories and messages to take home from this drama.) But really, even the people you think that are bad actually end up redeeming themselves and doing the right thing. Talk about a rare gem in k-drama land!

Seo In Guk always impresses him with his acting range. Louis is just so quirky and childlike that it’s a joy to watch Seo In Guk bring him to life. There are such distinctive mannerisms he’s given Louis and it’s equally satisfying to see him stay consistent. For example, I love the cute hand/arm mannerisms Louis has when he’s walking. It’s so distinctive and it’s aspects of SIG’s acting that really make me appreciate how hard he works to bring his characters to life.

Louis’ adorable, charming, oh… let’s not forget how cute it is that items call out his name when he should buy them. But sadly, Louis isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. It’s not really his fault — his grandmother has coddled him and fiercely protected him after he tragically lost his mom and dad. He’s grown up with a great education, but he’s been sorely lacking one major thing: a family. So, it’s a huge joy to watch him create a family with Bok Shil, In Sung, and In Sung’s mother. We also can’t forget Cha Joong Won — because Louis adores him — and even I love Joong Won with his growling and tantrums. Also, who chuckled at the ending when he found his very own version of Bok Shil? Too bad we didn’t get to see more of that!

There’s also Seo In Guk’s co-star Nam Ji Hyun who plays, Bok Shil,who is just so plucky, earnest, and hard-working. Nam Ji Hyun does such a good job here that it would’ve been unfair just to mention Seo In Guk’s great work. These two play well off of each other and the relationship between Bok Shil and Louis always felt sincere, not to mention, sweet. These two nailed their characters and made it so easy to not only care about them but to root for their future together as well.

Great acting aside, this drama is chock full of humor. Seriously, I laughed out loud so many times. Oh, the awful perms courtesy of In Sung’s recommendation. *cackling* There is so much funny in this drama that I was almost rolling in the floor. I’ve been known to crack smiles and laugh at jokes in k-dramas, but it’s been a while since a drama left me in stitches like this one.

So, at the end of the day, I give this one 4 stars! No drama is perfect, but nonetheless, this one almost was — for me, at least. If you’re a fan of Seo In Guk, you can’t go wrong with Shopping King Louis. It stole my heart and it was such a perfect drama to cool down after the intensity of W – Two Worlds.


    1. When I first heard about this drama, I had little interest in watching it. I think 7 or 8 episodes had already aired before I even felt tempted to give it a try. It was such a good, delightful surprise when I gave it a fair shot. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think when you finish watching.

      Thank you for the kind comments. My resolution for 2017 is to bring more to this blog, and it’s comments like this that make using all of my spare time (for this blog) worth it. 🙂

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