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K-Drama: ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ Teaser Trailer

Ever since I began my k-drama journey back in April of 2014, it’s been a whirlwind of love (major props to me taking a huge shining to Lee Min Ho as Yoon Sung in City Hunter. These days, I exclusively watch k-dramas, so to have the opportunity to watch my original bias in a currently airing drama, is certainly something for me to get a little giddy over, especially when said bias is the reason this blog became a reality and not just a through away idea.

I’m sure this drama is creating plenty of waves (pun intended!). I’ve been so slammed at work (took on a larger account! omo!) that I haven’t really been able to see what the masses have said about this teaser or their expectations. Instead, I’ll just give you my interpretation and thoughts.

Legend of the Blue Sea airs November 16th 2016. Mark your calendars, drama fans!

While the teaser is just that—a teaser—it still manages to provide some bare-bone framework of what to expect in this fantasy romance. And if I can judge the filming style from the quick cuts between the landscapes and sea, this is shaping up to be a beautiful, visually-stunning type of drama. Jun Ji Hyun narrates a very morose, somber narrative about keeping her promise despite being terrified and having to embark on a new path. She is ready to give it all behind and give up everything that she’s known just to find Lee Min Ho.

Despite the tragic, dark narrative, it’s clear that Jun Ji Hyun’s character has gone through a fair amount of hardship. During the Joseon times, she was somehow discovered and captured. The men made a spectacle of her, even poking at her with long, wooden sticks. In one of the stills, it looks like she has a wound on her face.

In modern time, we can infer that the mermaid saves Lee Min Ho’s character from drowning. We see a still of her walking away from him, and one can only wonder why she’s leaving and where she’s going. Then, there’s the jade bracelet and the hands clasped together. Just what is the relationship in Joseon between the two? Was it Lee Min Ho’s character that saved her from those men?

Even though the clips are shown out of sequence, I’m feeling the deep connection between these two. For such a sad monologue in this teaser, one can only wonder just how melodramatic this drama will be. Hopefully, it has a nice balance of comedy and romance as melo’s are very emotionally draining. (Not that I don’t enjoy a good melo, but I have to be in the right mood for one.) Nonetheless, the cinematography looks amazing and so stunning. If we get to watch pretty shots like this throughout LOTBS, I’ll be very impressed.

So what do you think, readers and fellow k-drama lovers? Has the Legend of the Blue Sea teaser caught your eye? Maybe you don’t care for LMH and plan to breeze past this one? Maybe you adore Jun Ji Hyun and can’t wait to see her again? Maybe the fantasy element is a huge turnoff? Whatever the reasons, I’m curious to see what everyone thinks. I will be watching and following this drama very closely, so I’m trying to maintain realistic expectations.

Final Thoughts:

There are a few things I’m curious about.

One is that I’m curious about LMH’s character and how he became a swindler in the present time.

If JJH’s character is the last mermaid on earth, her existence sounds really lonely and sad. I’m wondering what type of character and personality she’ll have. Also, what about her social skills and suddenly having legs and living on land?

What’s the budget like on this drama? Did they go all out for the teaser trailer or can we expect this kind of consistent quality?

And finally, my main worry is the handling of the plot. I desperately hope it doesn’t follow the same format as JJH’s last drama as I’m hoping for something refreshing and unique. (Yes, I wasn’t really a big fan of her last drama. Sadly, I lost interest more than halfway through and haven’t had the interest in finishing it. I hope that doesn’t happen here as I really think JJH is a stellar actress.)


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