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K-Dramas I’m Currently Watching & More

It looks like I bit off way more than I could chew during this k-drama cycle, but I couldn’t help myself. When a drama (or Ji Chang Wook) calls out to you, you must watch. And I’ve done just that. I’ve listed below a few things I’m currently watching. This doesn’t include any other Asian dramas I’m watching. Too many dramas and so little time! (I probably should wear a shirt that says that since I say it so often!) Sigh, who wouldn’t love to be paid for talking and watching k-drama all day? I’d be set for life – that’s for sure. They always say to do what you love, and what’s not to love about k-dramas?

Plus, Lee Min Ho will be back next month with Legend of the Blue Sea. He’s my original k-drama bias, so it’s going to take a lot to curb my excitement on this one.

Before I gush and go over a tirade on my love for k-dramas, I’ll just cut to the chase and share some of my thoughts. If you have not watched K2, 1% of Something, and Go Ho’s Starry Night, please keep in mind there may be small spoiler-y tidbits. I talk a lot about K2, so if you’re not up to date, please don’t read past the first two paragraphs.

K2 – Ji Chang Wook? Check. Action? Check. Lot’s of ass-kicking? Double check. Gratuitous shower/action scene? Triple check. K2 is an interesting experience so far. While you might compare it most closely to Ji Chang Wook’s work in Healer when it comes to the action, K2 is in an entirely different league so I draw the line at similarities there. This series is more of a darker, political, psychological thriller. This is one of those dramas that feels grand and cinematic – from the music to the acting. At least, that’s the impression that I get from the soundtrack, fight scenes, and cinematography.

Some parts are a bit slow, though. I’m mostly praying that they give Yoona’s character, Anna, something a bit more to work with on screen as we hardly get to see her, which is my chief complaint at the moment. To help maintain interest and momentum, there is a lot of urgency in this series. Every single episode has ended on intense cliffhangers.

Let me be frank and admit that political dramas are not my cup of tea. At all. This drama exposes everything I detest about politics. Power struggles seem to be a pretty popular trope in k-drama land, so even though I’ve grown more accustomed to seeing them, it’s not my favorite. So while my opinion is heavily biased, I don’t completely hate the politics here. I find it disheartening to see the ruined relationships. Anna’s father, for all intents and purposes, has thrown his daughter away for his political ambitions. You may be on the fast track to the Blue House buddy, but you’re an awful father. To some degree, he does seem to have some shred of love for his daughter, but he simply treats her like a “dirty secret” he’d rather not deal with. I’m at the point where I don’t care what his reasons are, but I hope Anna gets away from him and his wretched wife.

I don’t even want to get started on Yoo Jin. She’s evil and manipulative. She uses her emotions and power to play absolutely everyone. I have yet to feel a single iota of sympathy for her. Cheating husband or not, she’s wretched. The actress is doing a phenomenal job with this character but I can’t seem to even care about her plight.

1% of Something – I never got around to watch 1% of Anything, so color me surprised when I saw a remake of the series was due out. The leads seem to have pretty decent chemistry and I love how they’re both thrown into a predicament that neither wants to be in. The most exciting part of dramas is knowing that the character growth will come to fruition and I’m hoping we’ll have plenty to see as our leads aren’t exactly over the moon for each other. Also, the grandfather is another favorite of mine. He reminds me a bit of the Chairman in Cinderella and Four Knights — in that way that he just wants to the best for his grandson even if that means giving him a healthy dose of tough love. I can’t wait to see our leads working together and “fake” dating. Their night and day personalities look like they’d really balance each other out, but you never know.

Go Ho’s Starry Night – Web dramas are always on my radar these days. Not only are they more binge-worthy on a tight schedule, but I feel the plot moves quicker and is less prone to dragging using plot lines and twists I could do without. I knew little about this one going into it, but as I’ve finished episode 7, I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s light. It’s airy. It’s fun. It has Kim Young Kwang (he slayed me in D-Day!), who is not only pretty to look at, but his chemistry with Yuri is on point. It looks like a triangle of sorts may be emerging, which is probably the only thing I’m not looking forward too. Why a triangle drama, wae?!



      1. I’m really loving it as well!!! I think this is the very first political drama I’ve ever watched… And every episode seems like a movie!!! I’m up to date in watching this! <3

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