10 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘W’

10 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘W’


I found myself thrown into mourning post-W. Maybe it wasn’t a ratings powerhouse like other dramas aired this year, but nonetheless, wormed it’s way into my heart with it’s crazy time-traveling plot and the lovable Kang Cheol from the get-go. How could I possibly resist talking about this drama? I just had to write a 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching W post.

Each week, I waited on pins and needles for my Wednesday-Thursday fix. I re-read episode recaps, re-watched episodes, and I scoured my brain for possibilities of where the plot would lead. (Did I miss a clue? OMO, how did that happen and why was I dumb enough not to see it happen?!)  Because, let’s face, if there’s one thing that could be expected from W, it was to expect the unexpected. Just when you were on the trail and thought you had it all figured out, a new variable created a fissure between the two worlds and our characters fate hung in the balance.

Just what did the writer have in store for hero and heroine? Well, if you haven’t watched W yet, I won’t dare to spill the beans. Instead, you can click below and find 10 reasons why is worthy of your next binge-watch.

Warning: Slight spoilers ahead! Ye be warned! 

10 Reasons You Should Be Watching 'W'

One. The plot is amazing, unpredictable, and so different from any other k-drama I’ve ever watched. Originality is a hard achievement as there are only so many stories that can be told, but the brilliant writer (responsible for one of my favorite time traveling dramas Queen In Hyun’s Man) created a very original story line that is executed with precision. Love it or hate it, the strength of this drama is its unpredictable nature.

Two. Holy Batman, chemistry! No ’10 reasons’ list is complete without our leads being a chemistry match made in heaven. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk don’t have to try very hard to convince anyone of their feelings. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, they didn’t have to try at all for me to feel the chemistry ooze between them. They’re a natural fit. I think that’s an impressive feat. Playing romantic interests in such a drama can’t be easy.

Three. There is a very solid pacing to W. Something is always unraveling and it helps keep the story fresh and moving. As new variables and game changers emerge, there is some stalling in certain areas of the plot, but some point of the story is always heading somewhere.

Four. I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated Lee Jong Suk’s work as I’ve stumbled across it. That said, he’s never been an actor I sought out before. Despite all of this, he brings personality and warmth and realness to Kang Cheol, who would ordinarily be just a 2D manhwa character. Whether it’s the way he changed up pronunciations and gave featured expressions to KC, there’s no doubt that his work made Kang Cheol feel, well, alive. His work here is so impressive that it’s hard to imagine another actor making me empathize with and love Kang Cheol as much as I do.

Five. The special effects! I know not to expect Star Wars level of effects and CGI, but I was pretty impressed with the effects that they used here. I liked how the characters dissolved and disappeared from one world to another. It didn’t feel cheesy or cheap, which is a major bonus.

Six. This is a drama niche lovers can wholly appreciate as it involves time travel – not during two different periods of time but between two worlds co-existing together but not knowing the other exists. Sci-fi dramas may not be a blockbuster concept in k-drama fandom world, but it does have a certain kind of appeal. There’s the opportunity for world-building and establishing rules. Just how does this place work? Is it like the real world? This is a huge project to undertake and I love the world that the writer created for W.

Seven. As I said previously, this concept had a lot of appeal for me. FYI: I’ve never read graphic novels before and I never had much of an interest in them. Lately, I’ve actually started looking into reading manhwa. The inspiration hit me hard with this drama. Everyone has different tastes about what’s good or not, but for me, the strength of a good drama is the lasting effect it has on me. Do you learn something about your own self that you never realized before? Does the drama stay with you long after it’s ended? For me, this drama has given me a new source of enjoyment, and I think that’s a reason worthy enough to mention.

Eight. I think one of my favorite parts of this drama was our female lead – Oh Yeon Joo. She took the reigns and did most of the pursuing when it came to our male lead – Kang Cheol. Maybe it was downright comical at times, but I enjoyed having a female lead that was so much farther ahead of the male lead. And what I mean by that is that she knows every aspect of Kang Cheol’s life. Yet, he knows nothing about her. It presents an interesting dynamic that is a lot of fun to watch as Yeon Joo is often the one catching Kang Cheol off guard.

Nine. Music is the key to my heart. While I wasn’t hopelessly in love with this soundtrack like other dramas, I thought it was still very good and memorable. It makes me shiver as I recall certain tracks and all of the pivotal moments, especially with Jung Joon Young’s “Where Are U.”

Ten. Outside of our male and female lead, there is a particular stand out for me. Lee Si Un never disappoints with the skittish, cowardly Park Soo Bong. When heavy stuff was going down in the drama, it was hard not to laugh. The poor guy got so worked up easily. It was easy to appreciate the lightness he brought to the drama at times. You’d think he’d be the worst possible person in a crisis, but it’s fun watching him. Soo Bong was such a dysfunctional character. I’m shocked that he managed to get things done. Kudos to you, Soo Bong!

And there you have it. There are 10 reasons that I loved watching W. If you loved and want to see a more recent drama with Lee Jong Suk, I posted 6 Reasons You Should Be Watching Romance is a Bonus Book.


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