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Drama Ramblings & Real Life Updates

Hi readers and fellow drama fans!

It’s been a long time since I last posted – so long that it feels like years have passed by. I’m aware that statement is grossly exaggerated, but it really feels that way too me. Real life hasn’t been too kind. Between work, car hunting woes, and some family issues going on, it’s been nearly impossible for me to sit down and blog. I find enough free time to watch my dramas, but it’s at the expense of much-needed sleep, so I made the executive decision to push off blogging until my heart was itching to write and I had time to do it.

Thanks to Labor Day weekend here in the US, I have off today, Monday, so there’s nothing like an extended weekend to help me recharge my batteries.

Slowly but surely, I’m going to get back to my blogging routine, but until that happens, I put together a little post with some of the dramas I’m watching. I had to keep it short and sweet, but I warn you that there are spoilers, so please continue on at your own risk if you’re not up to date with any of these dramas.


W – If there’s ever been a k-drama that could steal my heart, easily wins that victorious title. The last time I felt remotely this excited was when Descendants of the Sun was airing. Even though, has just been so fabulous and shocking and full of twists and turns that I can’t help but be completely enamored by it.

Partial credit goes to Lee Jong Suk. I’ve always liked him and enjoyed his work (Secret Garden, I Can Hear Your Voice), but he’s catapulted himself onto another level of k-drama awesome for me. (Great, now I have another bias.) He also has fantastic chemistry with Han Hyo Joo.

Mix together time traveling between reality and a manwha and you have one heck of a drama on your hands. I recommended here.

As soon as this DVD is released with English Subs, I’m scooping it right up to watch whenever I want to – regardless of internet access. Speaking of which, does anyone know any legit sources on Amazon that sell k-dramas with accurate subtitles? I just want to make sure I’m getting the real, official thing if it really exists.

Cinderella and Four Knights – While is currently my top k-drama of the moment, Cinderella isn’t entirely without its own merits. It’s fun, light, slightly predictable, but the soundtrack is fun, the characters are lovable, and the messages taught are poignant. I think Park So Dam is an actress to keep an eye on. (Loved her in Beautiful Mind with Jang Hyuk.) But what I really appreciate about this drama is that our female lead, Eun Ha Won, is such a bright and positive person despite all that she’s been through and continues to go through. Her brutal honestly and lovable nature is slowly changing the Kang cousins as she’s able to relate and reach each of them in ways that the Chairmen hasn’t been able to. Even though Chairman Kang hired her to do a job, Eun Ha Won is making friends and I just hope that the men of Sky House don’t go and break her heart.


U Prince Series (Gentle Vet) – I’m currently on the second story now and I’m enjoying it much more than the first story with Esther and Push. Great acting in The Handsome Cowboy but Push’s character did a few irredeemable things in that series, and I could not get behind it. Thank goodness Gentle Vet is well, much more gentle on my heart and patience.

Kang Vorakorn is really cute and his character, Thesis, is genuinely a good guy. Too bad his best friend is a bit crazy and jealous. It’s my first time watching a drama with PunPun and I think she does a pretty good job as well. Her character, Suay Sai, had a really traumatic experience when she was little, and whenever it rains, she cries and is taken back to that time. I doubt this will be my number one of the U Prince stories, but it’s still a lot better than The Handsome Cowboy was. That one still makes me shudder and scratch my head. Ugh.

Once Upon a Time in My Heart – O.M.G. I don’t often get wrapped up in lakorns, but this one has me crazy… crazy in love that is! I’m on the Mick Tongraya train of love. I’ve never heard of him before, but that’s also because my inventory of Thai dramas is quite small. Nonetheless, I love the whole mafia angle. It’s not the most unique lakorn out there and it does seem to follow the usual formula, but this one has captured my heart anyway.

And seeing Pimmy as a female lead is great. I loved her character the most in Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai, so I love seeing her shine in a lead role. Speaking of which, next to Mick, Mek Juti Jumroenketpratipe is my favorite! Holy moly! He was so sweet and wholesome in KPCHJ where he was Pimmy’s love interest, but he’s transformed into such a different character in this drama. He’s darker, wounded, meaner, and just rough around the edges in general. I was curious to see him pull off such a rugged character and he’s done a great job of selling it and convincing me. I’m head over heels for this lakorn. The addiction is real!

Filipino Dramas

Till I Met You – So, who never got off the Jadine train? That would be me! Ever since the brilliance that was On The Wings of Love, I can’t seem to get enough of James and Nadine. To sweeten the deal, earlier this year, these two announced that they’re dating in real life, and that great and real chemistry shines through on screen.

I’m not all that fond of love triangles, but I have to say that I’m loving Iris, Basti, and Ali so much that I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Iris and Ali are so cute as they’ve been best friends and protective of each other since they were young. Sometimes this is a great platform for love, but seeing as Iris loves Ali and Ali seems to have some sort of feelings for Basti, it just sounds like a recipe for disaster. I’m curious to see how things develop as I’m assuming that Basti will end up having feelings for Iris, which brings this awkward love triangle full circle. Plus, the way that they’re all intertwined is going to be a major shocker when that’s revealed as Basti’s dad was cheating on his girlfriend (Iris’s mom) with both Ali’s mom and now Basti’s soon to be stepmom.

As you can see, all of these dramas are keeping me very busy. I have a few other things on the back-burner and I need to update my ‘what i’m watching’ page soon. It’ll take some time but I’ll get back into the swing of things. Thanks to everyone who continues to follow my blog. I love all of you and I can’t wait to delve deep into my favorite dramas with all of you. 🙂


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