K-Drama Recommendation: ‘W’

You know that feeling when a drama gives you goosebumps and all of those tingly, first time jitters? There’s nothing more thrilling than finding the k-drama key to your heart, and if I do say so myself, is most definitely the key to mine. While I’ve watched plenty of amazing dramas that have forever found a permanent place in my heart, is a whole new league for me. It’s fun, brilliant, action-packed, quirky, fun to theorize, and so much more that I don’t know how to explain it in words. For fellow book lovers, it’s the equivalent of your book boyfriend coming to life.

Okay, I may be overdoing it a tad bit, but that’s how excited I am by this drama. It leaves me in a constant state of loss for words. I tried so hard to make this recommendation appealing, but sometimes it’s hard when you’re still fangirling on the inside after watching episode 4. Oh, and that preview for episode 5. What an agonizing wait until next Wednesday!

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something different to watch, is a great choice. It was penned by the excellent Song Jae Jung, who has written one of my favorite time-traveling romances: Queen In Hyun’s Man. And yes, Queen In Hyun’s Man has been my desktop wallpaper ever since I watched it in October of 2014. Some dramas have staying power – both with your mind and with your heart. is quickly becoming one of my favorite dramas of the year and I think it will have that same staying power.

Watching it as it airs is possible, but you’ll need Viki pass in order to do it. You can still watch this series without it, but you’ll be three weeks behind anyone who has Viki pass. I don’t have time to do full episode recaps, but Drama Beans is covering this drama and they’re doing an excellent job with it. I’m personally working on a small post that will be a bit of an overview of the series (as well as questions and theories I have), which I will start to work on this weekend. Until then, you can find out more about W here.


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  1. I cannot express enough my agreement with your entire post… except the viki pass bit, if you’re willing to look (and overlook some moral issues…) I. Am. Hooked. I just finished ep. 4, and I’m DYING. I’m so excited!

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