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Thai Drama: ‘Secret Love: Puppy Honey Series’ Review

GMM has done it yet again by subtitling another Thai drama! Albeit, I struggled to get into the first Secret Love installment, but Puppy Honey was an entirely different story. It was fun, lighthearted, had an engaging story, but it also taught some great lessons about life, love, second chances, and overcoming your fears. As I’m watching some pretty intense lakorns right now, Puppy Love has been my solace.

Porsche is a character who’s easy to love and root for. He’s kind, sincere, hard-working, loyal, and easy to love. While he ultimately deceives and persuades Emma to join his cat and dog club because of her name, his intentions were never meant to hurt anyone. All he wants to do is save his club and Emma’s name on the roster is his ticket to doing so.

Once upon a time, Porsche, Pick, and Eau were a part of the club, but Eau is over and done with the club. He’s unwilling to help his own friends save it, which is the first indication that he’s not exactly the best kind of friend to have. Eau’s little sister happens to be Emma, and when Porsche realizes this, the wheels start spinning in his head. The club is something he can’t bear to lose, so he enlists Pick to help him get Emma and her guy friend, Rome, to join.

See, the one thing Porsche doesn’t count on is Emma’s crippling fear of dogs. When she was younger, she watched her beloved cat, An An, get mauled by a dog, and it has psychologically and physically damaged her. It’s a traumatic event to begin with, but for a child, it’s even harder. When Porsche becomes privy to her fears, he’s determined to help her at all costs.

While Puppy Honey has some drama, it’s much less than you can expect in a typical lakorn. And with only 6 episodes, it’s easy to binge-watch and still manage to care about the characters. It won’t be the best drama you’ve ever watched, but it’s certainly sweet and has enough of a story line with engaging characters to make it worth your while.

I don’t want to give everything away, but it’s an enjoyable watch if you have some time to kill. Also, Rome and Pick have an interesting dynamic going on, so you’ll have to watch to see how those two do by series end.

Right now, you can watch the entire series subtitled here or you can watch it below.



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