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K-Drama: ‘Dramaworld’ Quick Series Overview

Hi, readers and fellow k-drama fans!

Since Dramaworld has officially reached it’s end, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about this drama. Please keep in mind that there will be spoilers through episode 10. This is a quick overview of the series as it’s all I have time for right now. Individual episode recaps are coming… very slowly.


Going into Dramaworld, I wasn’t sure where my expectations should lie. It sounded brilliant, the summary was something I could relate to, and the trailer instantly had me hooked. Plus, what k-drama fan wouldn’t want to live a day in their favorite drama?

So, what is Dramaworld exactly?

It’s a world where k-dramas exist but all of the characters are oblivious to it being “fake.” They believe that this is their real life.

It’s full of all our favorite and cringe-worthy tropes. (Not to mention the rules that all of the characters have pulls to — some of my favorites were the drunken piggyback ride where a random drunk girl hopped on Joon’s back and he went along with it, the hit-by-a-car scene (Siwon was gold!), and of course karaoke. Because, really, what would a k-drama be without a karaoke scene or two? And while we’re on the subject, the gratuitous shower scene with Joon was a nice little bonus.

Apparently, Dramaworld is a living, breathing entity. There are rules that must be followed and when they aren’t, it puts the entire world in jeopardy. There, Claire meets Seth, who is someone just like her. He explains that he’s a facilitator and works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that happily ever afters are achieved for Dramaworld’s sake. The problem is that Seth falls in love with the leading lady – So Yeon – and he starts taking things into his own hands: manipulating Claire, killing Joon’s father and the woman interested in Joon. He even hires a skilled archer to shoot Claire, but that plan is thwarted when Joon saves Claire instead of going into his burning restaurant to save Seo Yeon. Seth takes this opportunity to save her instead.

Seth eventually takes over the Libertine and puts his diabolical plan into action to have Seo Yeon. Unfortunately for Seth, Seo Yeon just isn’t that into him. Sorry, Seth.

When faced with kissing his true love to save Dramaworld, Claire urges Joon that he must kiss Seo Yeon or this world will no longer exist. But Joon doesn’t love Seo Yeon. During the time he’s spent with Claire, he’s genuinely fallen for her. At the last second, he kisses Claire. While she’s a bit startled at first, she returns the heated kiss. When they finally separate, Claire is eaten alive by guilt and she apologizes to Seo Yeon only to see that she’s kissing her flower shop friend. As rare as it is, it’s fun to see the second lead triumph sometimes.

Later, the four enjoy a meal together. When Claire and Joon are left, it’s bittersweet because the drama is coming to an end.  There’s no knowing what will really happen. The drama should reset, and in theory, Joon should lose his memory in preparation for his next drama. As the credits begin, Claire knows it’s time to go home, and this time, she’s taking Seth with her.

The two transport back to her father’s sandwich shop. Seth is royally pissed and quickly runs off.

Eventually, Claire gets back to her routine. She’s happier and her father notices. He knows she’s glowing from a guy, but Claire says nothing. While she’s serving a customer and watching Joon’s latest drama, their two worlds collide as Joon runs into the sandwich shop and announces that Dramaworld needs her help.

And that’s a wrap!

Lingering Thoughts & Questions:

I honestly had so much fun with this drama. It wasn’t perfect and it was entirely too short for my liking, but the series had a lot of heart. There was so much to enjoy and relate to. It was also very obvious that they wrote this with a k-drama fan in mind.

Will there be a second season? Please say yes and give us full episodes, please! I think the series is successful enough to do so, but I hope it could get enough funding to be possible. Even without one, the ending was satisfactory, but it leaves a lot of questions. Thanks to Seth, Dramaworld is probably sick. I can see Claire returning to that world and having to restore order.

What happened to Seth? Obviously, his jealousy and possessiveness led him down his dark path, but I kind of wish he had to atone for his mistakes. Yeah, he was yanked out of Dramaworld and will never see his precious Seo Yeon again, but I was hoping he’d have to suffer more than that.

Liv Hewson was really a pleasant surprise as Claire. While Claire might be a very extreme version of the typical k-drama fan, I felt her acting really embodied a true k-drama fan. I haven’t done much research, but I’d really love to know if this actress ever heard of or even watched k-dramas prior to snagging this role. I say that because I felt she was so good at her role.

Also, Sean Dulake… I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything before, but now I really want to.

Taste of Love was such an interesting drama that I kind of wish it was really real — as in an actual series and not just splintered moments throughout Dramaworld. Either way, it was well done.

Lastly, the cameos were spot on. Choi Siwon was perfect and I miss him already.


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