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Review of “Beating Again” Episodes 7 – 9

beating again episodes 7 - 9

I tried a new method of reviewing—doing episode by episode—but I think this will be a one-time instance. I don’t enjoy watching a show if I have to continually pause in order to jot down the important details or thoughts. Don’t forget,  this drama is currently available to stream on both Netflix and Viki.

So, here’s the recap/synopsis of episodes 7 – 9 of Beating Again.


Episode 7

Chairman Kang finds out about the board of directors disqualifying him from being the Chairman. He is livid and leaves the hospital in order to confront the traitors. Meanwhile, the board of directors are having another meeting about electing a permanent replacement for the Chairman. Joon-Hee is in the running for the position.

Min-Ho tells his uncle that he [Chairman Kang] should just sign over his management rights since he’s just about to die. Chairman Kang is outraged at Min-Ho’s behavior. Min-Ho gives him one day to sign or else.

Joon-Hee takes Soon-Jung to a restaurant that they went to when they were kids while on a field trip. He tells her that he had planned to confess his feelings for her back then. He then declares that he is going to get closer to her now.

Soon-Jung tells Joon-Hee that she has only thought of him as a friend. He tells her not to draw the line yet as he plans on pursuing her more as he rises up in the company. Joon-Hee has been in love with her for twenty years but did nothing because of Dong-Wook. Now, he wants her to only look at him.

Min-Ho is struggling with being either callous and ruthless or kind. Does he continue his revenge or be merciful? Soon-Jung’s words seem to be haunting him.

Joon-Hee is taken into police custody after one of the detectives investigating Dong-Wook’s murder calls a number off of a witness’s cellphone and it is Joon-Hee’s burner phone number. Joon-Hee claims that he was helping with the investigation into the unapproved ingredients for Hermia.

Chairman Kang goes missing from the hospital just as the prosecutors come for him. Min-Ho finds a note on the bed that his uncle was lying on and it leads Min-Ho and Soon-Jung to find the Chairman at his desk at Hermia. Unfortunately, Chairman Kang has passed away sitting at desk while holding onto his name placard. Min-Ho is distraught.

Min-Ho has his right-hand man investigate the identity of his heart donor.

Joon-Hee officially is chosen as a candidate to be the Chairman. Soon-Jung most likely will be his secretary. Min-Ho becomes withdrawn and doesn’t work or associate with anyone. Soon-Jung messages Min-Ho on a regular basis but he never replies.

Finally, Min-Ho messages Soon-Jung. He asks her to accompany him to his parents’ grave as he had never visited them in the 25 years since they’ve been gone. She goes with him.

Min-Ho and Soon-Jung get stuck in the rain when the car they are in becomes stuck in the mud as they are driving back from the cemetery. As they are being towed home, they talk about why Min-Ho was being withdrawn. They also have been drinking so they have a candid discussion. Min-Ho confesses to Soon-Jung that he likes her. He kisses her again and it seems as if Soon-Jung may be more receptive than the last time.

While this is going on, Joon-Hee is at a jeweler’s and looking at engagements rings. Obviously, it is meant for Soon-Jung. The police use a UV light to examine the front of his car while he is in the jeweler’s in order to see if there is any blood on his vehicle. We are not told yet what the result is but it seems as if the police have discovered something.

Episode 8

As the kissing intensifies a little, they are distracted by a siren. It seems that it was fortuitous as they probably shouldn’t be making out in a towed vehicle. Soon-Jung is quite embarrassed.

Joon-Hee purchases an engagement ring. The police actually didn’t find any blood on Joon-Hee’s car. It looks like the police are going to have to find a new suspect in Dong-Wook’s murder.

The Chairman of Gold Partners wants to visit Hermia for the takeover. Although Hermia isn’t fully bankrupted yet, the Chairman must want to see things for himself. Min-Ho seems reluctant about this. Perhaps he doesn’t want Hermia to be sold after all.

Soon-Jung wants to have a quiet, uneventful lunch at work. Unfortunately, Joon-Hee decides to interfere with that and sits with her at the table. Joon-Hee invites Soon-Jung to dinner to celebrate his election to be the Chairman. Soon-Jung is very embarrassed as everyone at the company can see Joon-Hee being very familiar with her. It is improper for Soon-Jung to have so much personal attention from the next Chairman.

Soon-Jung meets with Dong-Wook’s father and another worker at the Central Factory. She is given packets with information on a product proposal that could bring in revenue and in turn, could save the Central Factory. She is asked to give it to Min-Ho and see if he can help the factory and workers.

They are so awkward with one another. Aww, Min-Ho, why are you so cute?

The day that the Chairman of Gold Partners is visiting the Central Factory, the workers are on strike. This will adversely affect the sale. Joon-Hee is playing the Shadow King and will do things behind the scene in order to keep the sale going smoothly. It is becoming very evident that Joon-Hee is becoming a very powerful player in all of the things going on in Hermia. He may very well become the next antagonist of the story.

Because of the strike, Joon-Hee has enlisted the help of a “service company” to break the strike and return things to normal for the Gold Partners’ Chairman. This is very ominious. The worst part is that Soon-Jung is going to the Central Factory to get an omitted accounting report. She most likely will get involved without knowing it.

The “service company” are brutal. They have aluminum baseball balls and are hitting the striking workers. I recall that this method was used in American workforce history and it is a most cruel thing to do. Soon-Jung rushes to help Dong-Wook’s father, who had been assaulted by a service company member. As she is crouched down over him, one of the strike breakers hits Soon-Jung in the head just as Min-Ho arrives. Blood runs down the side of Soon-Jung’s head and she collapses to the ground.

Soon-Jung is taken to hospital and fortunately only has a slight concussion.

When Soon-Jung is back at work, one of her co-workers talks about what happened at the Central Factory. The co-worker remarks that Director Lee (Joon-Hee) was involved in the strike breaking. Soon-Jung is shocked and understandably upset. She is not thrilled to see Joon-Hee when they run into each other at Hermia.

Joon-Hee admits that he ordered the strike breakers. Soon-Jung is very angry with him. She feels as if she doesn’t know him at all. Their friendship is now fractured.

Min-Ho is starting to think about helping the factory workers instead of destroying the factory. He crashes a Board of Directors meeting for the actual election of the Chairman. Min-Ho is being a bit annoying by making weird noises into his microphone and folding a paper airplane. He then says that he wants to be a candidate for the Chairman position. He wants to revive the company.

Min-Ho has bought all of his uncle’s share holdings. He is the major shareholder now. He wants to be CEO as well.

Min-Ho has declared war against Joon-Hee – he won’t give up the company or Soon-Jung to Joon-Hee.

Joon-Hee’s proposal is now ruined. And, he has a huge picture of Soon-Jung on his wall at his home. That is SO creepy.

Joon-Hee’s father has Dong-Wook’s phone! There is a flashback of him picking up Dong-Wook’s phone at the accident site. So, it was right family but wrong member. The father is the murderer! But, why did it he do it? For Joon-Hee?

Just as the episode is being wrapped up, Woo-Sik – Min-Ho’s right-hand man – gets a call that Min-Ho’s heart donor’s family has been found. Min-Ho goes to the family’s house. He runs into Dong-Wook’s father and Soon-Jung in front of the house. It dawns on Min-Ho who his heart donor was.

Episode 9



Joon-Hee takes Soon-Jung to dinner. He claims that he will give up everything in exchange to be with her. Soon-Jung thinks lowly of him and says that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. She believes in Min-Ho.

Joon-Hee says that he will ruin Min-Ho’s chances of being CEO by selling off all of Min-Ho’s shares. He wants Soon-Jung to watch him do it.

Min-Ho fakes losing his house key so he calls Soon-Jung to stay with him while he waits for someone to unlock the door. He is such a silly man, isn’t he? Min-Ho asks Soon-Jung about her dinner with Joon-Hee. The front door key falls out of Min-Ho’s pocket. Busted!

While traveling to the factory, Min-Ho and Woo-Sik become lost. The GPS isn’t working right, so Min-Ho has Woo-Sik stop the car.  A car hit Dong-Wook in this exact location. Min-Ho is having flashbacks of Dong-Wook’s murder. Woo-Sik gets help but it is Joon-Hee’s father.

Min-Ho’s chance of convincing the factory workers to support him is ruined by Joon-Hee – Joon-Hee gave out papers to the workers that showed some of Min-Ho’s previous actions to destroy the factory.

The police officially declare Dong-Wook’s death as a murder. Dong-Wook’s father and Soon-Jung find out the truth. It renders both of them speechless. Of course, Joon-Hee’s father overhears them. He knocks over boxes just as Dong-Wook’s father is coming past him. He apologizes more than he needed to Dong-Wook’s father.

This is obviously a manifestation of his guilt for Dong-Wook’s death.

While out drinking with Dong-Wook’s father and some factory employees, Soon-Jung and Min-Ho talk about the future of the factory. Despite being intoxicated, Soon-Jung speaks up for Min-Ho and his plans to revive the factory. Her heart-felt plea seems to have made some headway with Dong-Wook’s father and the workers.

Min-Ho loses the paper for his speech. Instead, he talks about things his father talked about when he was a child. He also gives the workers papers on a new development and says that he wants to help make it. Min-Ho apologizes for his bad behavior and asks for their help in order for him to help them.

Min-Ho gets the labor force’s support and becomes the CEO.

Now, I am a bit confused. Is the CEO the same thing as the Chairman? I may be mixing up things as sometimes the translations switch between terms that may or may not mean the same thing. Please forgive any misconceptions that I may have made as I try to understand the story.

Gold Parners orchestrated Min Ho’s succession to becoming CEO. They wanted to elevate Min-Ho just so that he could be taken down along with the company. Very sly, Joon-Hee. I am confident in saying that Joon-Hee is the antagonist for the rest of Beating Again.

My thoughts:

Beating Again Episodes 7  – 9 really packed a punch. I just want to hug Min-Ho and never let that silly man go. He’s so precious, especially when he’s having an inner crisis with his feelings for Soon-Jung. I am greatly looking forward to the power play between Min-Ho and Joon-Hee and the results of it.

I know that Joon-Hee will not go down without a fight and possibly will still manage to make matters bad for Min-Ho. As long as Soon-Jung stays by Min-Ho, all bad things can be weathered.


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