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Review of “Beating Again” Episodes 1 – 6

Hello, again! I’ve been asked to make another review and I am pleased to bring you a review of episodes 1 – 6  of Beating Again. This drama is currently available to stream on both Netflix and Viki. So, without further ado, here is my review.

Can your personality and perspective on life change after getting a new heart? Kang Min Ho (Jung Kyung Ho) has been through a difficult time when his father suddenly died and his father’s company was taken over by his uncle and he was kicked out. But after he undergoes a heart transplant, Min Ho begins to learn what the meaning of true happiness and love is, especially after he begins to develop feelings for his secretary, Kim Soon Jung (Kim So Yeon). But when Joon Hee (Yoon Hyun Min) also falls for Soon Jung, will Min Ho have to fight for what he really wants? “Falling for Innocence” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Ji Young Soo. –Viki

Beating Again Episodes 1 – 6

We start out with our main male lead.

Kang Min-Ho (Jung Kyung-Ho) is a ruthless, cold-hearted businessman who is known as the “serial killer” of businesses. He works for Gold Partners, a take-over corporation; he buys and sells businesses and their assets with little regard to the companies’ and employees’ feelings.

His latest target is Hermia, a cosmetics company, which has a very personal tie to him. Hermia was once his father’s company and was taken over by his uncle Chairman Kang Hyun-Cheol. There were accusations that Min-Ho’s father had embezzled funds meant for welfare and other important things.

As Min-Ho’s father had already died as result of a heart condition, there was no way for these accusations to be proven or disproved. Due to shame, Min-Ho’s mother committed suicide by hanging. Min-Ho was only a young boy at the time and the pain and suffering caused by these events left a lasting effect on his emotional and mental state.

Min-Ho’s hatred for his uncle festered over the years. He worked hard to be able to take his revenge on his uncle and the company. The timetable was moved up quickly to be within a month of when the first episode started because Min-Ho had inherited the same debilitating heart condition that had taken the life of his father. Min-Ho only had that single month to complete his revenge before he, too, would die.

But, fate is a strange thing.

The secretary for Chairman Kang was the daughter of the former Vice President who had been one of the people who betrayed Min-Ho’s father. Kim Soon-Jung (Kim So-Yeon) is a loyal secretary to Chairman Kang and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Hermia.

Soon-Jung and Min-Ho do not get along when they meet at Hermia. Min-Ho hates Soon-Jung’s father and accuses Soon-Jung of being a loyal slave just like her father.

He ropes Soon Jung into helping him with his plans when her fiance Detective Ma Dong-Wook gets into a fight with him at the Hermia Central Factory. Min-Ho had come there to fire workers for “restructuring”.

Dong-Wook’s father is a worker at the factory so he has strong feelings for the welfare of the workers. If Soon-Jung doesn’t want Dong-Wook to be in legal trouble for the fight that he [Dong-Wook] started, Soon-Jung must do as Min-Ho tells her. Reluctantly, she does as he asks.

When Soon-Jung comes to Min-Ho’s apartment, Min-Ho collapses due to not getting enough oxygen—his heart is failing rapidly. Soon-Jung takes him by taxi to the hospital. He is released only became he was insistent on the next stage of his plan against Hermia. He drags Soon-Jung along to a meeting between his uncle and his uncle’s cohorts. Min-Ho offers a special deal for whomever of the cohorts will sell out to him.

Chairman Kang is a cunning man. He finds out about a secret meeting between his cohorts and Min-Ho. He sends Soon-Jung with a “present”, not telling her that it is Black Ginseng (tea leaves, I believe) which was what Min-Ho’s father drank for his heart ailment. Chairman Kang had Min-Ho surveilled and found out about Min-Ho’s deteriorating health. Chairman Kang makes it sound as if Soon-Jung had told him about Min-Ho’s heart.

Min-Ho is furious at Soon-Jung and goes postal on her. As Soon-Jung is leaving, Min-Ho’s heart acts up again and he collapses onto broken glass from the table he broke. Soon-Jung goes along in the ambulance with Min-Ho.

Around that time, Dong-Wook was investigating the case against Hermia for unauthorized ingredients in the products. He followed a lead to a man who mysteriously quit the company right before the fraudulent ingredients were found. While on the road, someone runs him over and takes his cell phone so that he can’t get help. He ends up dying at the hospital.

Because Min-Ho needed a heart transplant, his prognosis was always bad. The doctors told him that he only had a 1% chance of getting an acceptable donor. Due to fate or a higher power, Dong-Wook’s heart was a perfect match. Min-Ho received Dong-Wook’s heart and was able to make a great recovery. Of course Min-Ho was not told the identity of his heart’s donor.

Min-Ho becomes a Director of Hermia after getting released from the hospital. He has Soon-Jung become his secretary, whether it was to spite his uncle or to spite Soon-Jung, I do not know. Min-Ho puts Soon-Jung to work on his personal crusade against his uncle.

While getting back on his feet, Min-Ho’s state of mind goes through an extraordinary change. He starts to exhibit mannerisms that belonged to Dong-Wook—such as liking lollipops, crying when Soon-Jung is hurt, and taking down a criminal exactly like Dong-Wook. He also starts to develop feelings for Soon Jung and his heart beats like crazy when he’s with her.

This is a problem because he does not want to like Soon-Jung. It is also a big problem because Director Lee Joon-Hee, a lawyer for Hermia and a close friend of Soon-Jung’s, likes Soon-Jung very much. Min-Ho is jealous of Soon-Jung’s relationship with Joon-Hee and Joon-Hee does not like Min-Ho getting so close to Soon-Jung.

Matters become complicated when it is discovered and goes public that Chairman Kang is dying of terminal colorectal cancer. Joon-Hee has the board of directors of Hermia vote out Chairman Kang and Joon-Hee becomes the new Chairman of Hermia. Min-Ho is outraged as Joon-Hee was a spy for Min-Ho and Gold Partners. Now, Min-Ho has been double-crossed.

Soon-Jung is disappointed in Min-Ho for letting the media know about Chairman Kang’s poor health. She darts into traffic and nearly gets hit by a vehicle. Min-Ho saves her and in some kind of desperate action to figure out his feelings, he kisses Soon-Jung. Episode 6 ends right after that.

My thoughts:

I am greatly enjoying the series thus far. I have laughed so many times at Min-Ho’s ridiculous behavior. He has absolutely become my favorite character. I am looking forward to him trying to figure out his feelings for Soon-Jung and whether revenge will settle the embittered feelings he has for Hermia.

Until next time.

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