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Filipino Drama: ‘Dolce Amore’ Episode 16-20 Review


Last week was a great week for Dolce Amore. And there’s nothing I appreciate more than a solid build up of friendship. It is the groundwork to a great relationship, and if it’s anything to judge from these past five episodes, it’s safe to say that Tenten and Serena are laying a solid foundation to an, hopefully, eventual relationship.

We have a long way to go in this drama, so we’ll just have to be patient and see where things lead.

So, without further ado, here are some of my thoughts on episode 16-20. I tried to highlight the important parts to keep this short and sweet.




  • Tenten, with the not-so-subtle push of his mother, joins Serena on her journey to find Melds. His hesitation is that he doesn’t want to be away from his family when they could really use the money. Even though he deeply values his friendship with Serena, it’s very touching to see just how important his adopted family is to him.
  • It was really nice that we got to spend a whole week’s worth of episodes with Serena and Melds reunion and bonding. Whenever she’s with her former nanny, she’s so happy and content. She looks like she’s enjoying being herself – instead of being a princess. And if you remember her favorite princess fairy tale as a child, Serena always craved a simpler life.
  • How cute was Serena’s welcoming from Melds and all of the villagers? You don’t get that kind of warm welcoming just anywhere.
  • Tenten is teased by girls because of his lisp. Upon hearing this, Serena is furious and does what a dutiful, decent friend would do: she confronts the girls and tells them how wrong they are because they’re missing out on a really great person. Who else feels like these two are best friends already?!
  • With lots of hard work, Serena helps Tenten master his lisp. Okay, they haven’t quite mastered it, but she has Melds come up with a song and Tenten sings it over and over again for Serena. I never thought a song about snails could be so cute and romantic, but Tenten sells that song.
  • Tenten’s feelings for Serena are starting to blur into something romantic. And it’s hard and awkward because Melds told him earlier that she already has the person she needs to marry. There is nothing assuring about the situation and I feel so bad for Tenten as he literally has to gracefully bow out for Serena’s sake and for her family’s sake.
  • Cardo and Melds! OMG! How freaking adorable are this couple? They are so bubbly, bright, and shine with love; they don’t have much but they are happy, work hard, and they have each other. It’s so heartwarming to see some solid adult relationships. We have these two and then Tenten’s parents. It makes up for the train wreck that is Luciana and Roberto.
  • Serena has a soothing, gentle method when it comes to Tenten. She might be firm, but she always tries to help him from the heart. I especially liked how she helped him cross the bridge when he was scared to death. We all have faults, fears, and weaknesses, so I’m ecstatic that Serena accepts Tenten’s flaws without a second thought.
  • Speaking of faults, I had to chuckle at Serena’s own weaknesses. Namely: geckos. She was freaking out at Melds place and eventually ran to Tenten because she was terrified. They end up working on correcting his lisp, even though it didn’t go very well. This kind of comfort makes me adore these two even more.
  • Gian Carlo, thanks to Luciana’s big mouth, discovers that Serena is there with a boy. This information is purely to stir the pot, and it’s moments like these that I really hate the unnecessary trouble she creates. As if there’s not enough problems with the company, she has to go and ruin things by being vindictive. In the end, it’s just hurting the clueless Gian Carlo, who is pining for someone who does not love him the way that he loves her. I am sensing not-so-good things in Serena and Gian Carlo’s future together.


Serena hears a gecko outside, which promptly makes her freak out. She’s imitating the sound of a gecko in the last gif. It was so cute!


Lingering thoughts and questions:

After her stay in the Philippines, will Serena be able to return to her noble life in Italy?

How is Gian Carlo going to treat Serena? I hate to say it, but I’m starting to get some not-so-good vibes from him. This is a huge shame as I value his friendship with Serena, but I don’t know how they are going to weather the storm that is their different kind of “love” for each other. I hope he doesn’t become cruel and pushy. If he starts listening to his dad, I fear that may be the direction we’re heading, especially if he starts to become jealous of Tenten.

I appreciate how this drama is dragging out Serena’s return to Italy. She is learning so much about the country she was born in. And if I do say so myself, it looks like she feels right at home in the Philippines. Plus, as an international fan of this series, it’s nice to learn little tidbits on history and culture because it is all new to Serena.