Newest K-Dramas on Netflix

It’s been a while since I posted about available dramas on Netflix, so this post is an attempt to remedy that.

I’m sure you’ve all read my old post on how to find dramas on Netflix. The process hasn’t changed, but if you’re unsure about giving the streaming service a shot, I’ve compiled a list of the latest new additions. There has been a major shuffle in dramas lately, so I’ll try to keep on top of that. Also, I haven’t been watching too much on Netflix, which is a contributing reason as to why these posts have been so few and far between. (Oh the woes of too many streaming subscriptions and so little time!)

If you need a refresher on navigating Netflix to find k-dramas, you can read about it here.

Note: This is only a listing on the recently added dramas. Also, click on any of the images and you’ll be taken straight to their page on Netflix.

Padam Padam 


Cain and Abel 


Schoolgirl Detectives
aka Seonam Girls High School Investigators


 Heartless City
aka Cruel City

A Man Called God 


Beating Again
aka Falling For Innocence, Falling in Love with Sung Jung


Can We Get Married?

Tamra, The Island 

Go! Mrs. Go!
aka Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil

Love Again 


Birdie Buddy 



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  1. Interesting that Tamra, The Island is on Netflix. Did not know it was that popular.

    I wonder how many people become Kdrama addicts after discovering them on Netflix, lol.

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