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K-Drama: ‘Descendants of the Sun’ First Impressions


If it’s any indication of my posts lately, I’ve been in a k-drama funk. And when I say funk, I mean I’ve been in a very fussy, particular mood that has left me frustrated beyond belief. For the past few months, none of the new k-dramas caught my eye. If you’re sensing an ‘until’ coming, you’d be correct. Until Descendants of the Sun, I was feeling bored and listless. I even switched gears to Thai dramas (lakorns) for a while. Eventually, I found my way back and I couldn’t be happier with my gut decision to give this drama a fair shot.

Please click on the link below to read some of the pros and cons of the first episode only.


  1. While it is airing on Viki, you can only watch it after it’s aired two weeks in Korea. The only solution is Viki Pass for $3.99 a month. So if you’re unwilling to splurge a few bucks, you’ll be waiting a while to watch an episode. (The wait is killer, I know.) You can do a trial of Viki Pass for a week, but be aware that you have to enter your credit card/payment information to have the trial. I’m liking the drama so much that I subscribed to Viki Pass. I debated it heavily, but the HD and no two-week hold back, was enough for me to begrudgingly give in. Add another paid subscription to the list and my wallet is feeling pretty light these days. Nonetheless, I feel that Descendants of the Sun is worth the splurge, so I’ll quit my complaining and move on.


  1. Descendants of the Sun is a fast-paced delight. If you like your dramas with a cinematic, epic, sweeping romance kind of feel, this drama looks like it’s going to deliver in a big way.
  2. Song Joong Ki. He owns his role as Yoo Shi Jin. Maybe it’s because it’s been less than a year since he returned from his mandatory enlistment. Either way, his role is very believable, and from what I’ve seen, I think he made a wise choice with this being his come back drama.
  3. Our favorite giraffe (Lee Kwang Soo) has a cute little cameo in the first episode.

So, what do you think, readers? Are you interested in Descendants of the Sun? Do you have any fears or reservations? Whatever you’re thinking, please feel free to sound off in the comments and share your thoughts. I’ve also included the trailer, so that you can have a feel for the series if you haven’t heard of it yet.


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