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Thai Drama: ‘Leh Nangfah’ Review

When it comes to lakorns, I tend to err on the side of caution. While waiting for the subs to finish on Kiss Me, I decided to fill the void with another lakorn. Unsuprisingly, I wasn’t impressed by the summary and plot line of this series, so I had many, many reservations going into this drama. All I knew was that I adored Push’s acting in Perfect Chemistry (Ugly Duckling Series), and I had to see more of his work.


Lallalit aka “Beauty” is a young woman who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has wealth, beauty, and a position as co-president at her father’s company if she decides to take it. But the problem is that Lallalit doesn’t have it all. At least, she doesn’t have things that mean something. She’s mean, selfish, wrapped up in her own vanity, thoughtless when it comes to others, and she’s completely oblivious in regards to how her actions hurt, demean, and embarrass those around her. Sadly, she has little tolerance, patience, and understanding, which makes her bad personality really volatile to those around her.

At a young age, Lallalit lost her mother due to a terrible accident. It left a deep scar on her that only got deeper when her father passed away from a freak plane accident due to a bird getting caught in the propeller. Eventually, she was all alone and her wickedness manifested partly because she didn’t know any better and couldn’t see the error of her ways. One of the few positives during this period of time is her gift for fashion and designing that she inherited from her mother. Lallalit went to a designing school in London and even won Designer of the Year award. But all that she’s done since is model and criticize those around her.

Feeling fed up and disappointed, two angels, one being Lallalit’s mother, decide that she needs to be taught a lesson before she continues down this destructive path. Goddess, the head angel, curses Lallalit and makes her become the one thing she hates most in the world: a bird. See, Beauty is terrified of birds. It’s a fear that emerged from her father’s unfortunate death.

What’s great is that this curse teaches her some of the most important lessons of her life. She learns to work and stand up on her own two feet, she learns to treat others well, she learns to give without expecting or wanting anything in return, and she learns that there are terrible consequences to her actions. Honestly, Beauty learns so much throughout this series, and that kept me going when she was carelessly acting without thought or treating others terribly.

Eventually, she learns the errors of her ways. That’s the key thing to remember. While Beauty may falter and regress, she always gets back up again and tries to be better. This series taught me her true strength. It made me wonder how I’d ever cope if I were thrown into a situation like hers.


Teepob aka “Tee” is truly the shining star of this lakorn. He is a kind, sincere, well-mannered person that works hard. At first, Tee and Beauty bicker and argue constantly — like when they were kids. Since childhood, Tee has loved Beauty. We learn this when they dig up a box with presents that they buried when they were children. But as Beauty grew up and continued on with her bad personality, Tee’s love for her faded, and he kept his distance from her. It isn’t until Beauty becomes a bird that we become privy to just how deep Tee’s kindness runs. He treats Beauty, in bird form, with such sweetness and care, that you can’t help but hope that the same loves transfers over the human Beauty.

As I’m not a fan of the physically violent lakorns, Tee is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, there’s a minor rough patch between him and Beauty when she learns that Tee was the one scheming with her Uncle at the company. But they weren’t doing anything bad — they were just trying to make her realize the worth and value of the company.

At the end of the series, Beauty and Tee are married and they have a little boy together. Yes, how adorable is that? Beauty is finally a wonderful person with a great personality, and I can’t help but think that – that is going to be one lucky kid because he has such a sweet dad, too.

leh nangfah

What about life lessons?

As far as life lessons go, this is probably one of my favorite lakorns. First of all, Beauty has a major time crunch. She only has 3 months to break the curse, which means she has to start from the ground up. And while she has a pretty poor personality, the show does grace us with glimmers of Beauty’s inner beauty. It’s tough in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long to start rooting for her. Who Beauty becomes, and her entire learning experience, made Leh Nangfah a true delight to watch. When her pure love for Tee shined, she put her own life on the line without regard for her own. Thankfully, Tee manages to break the curse in the nick of time.

Push and Vill have a nice, believable chemistry. It isn’t a simmering, set-the-world-on-fire kind of chemistry. It’s more of a slow burn chemistry that builds up; it’s all in their body language and line delivery that sold me on this couple. Before watching, I assumed that Vill’s character would be far too bratty for me to even tolerate for a second. Surprisingly, Vill brought warmth to her character, which helped keep me watching when I feared that Beauty’s attitude would push me over the edge.

Our secondary leads really grew on me. I was glad to see them take a step closer into becoming a couple, but I also felt like we were short-changed. Om and Jade were so fun to watch because they were polar opposites — just like Beauty and Tee. I was hoping that their ending would have had something more to it. Alas, it didn’t. But a girl can still dream, right?


Lingering thoughts…

The only negative that eats at me was Beauty’s cousin, Pat. In some ways, Pat was a much worse person than Beauty. She was jealous and deceitful. She endangered lives. Pat was just a hot mess that made me cringe the instant she came on the screen. See, I understand her jealousy. I even understand her hatred for Beauty, but Pat could have been better. So, when Pat finally came around and mended things with Beauty, I wasn’t impressed. Or happy for that matter. Pat did too much of a 180. Her character needed time to change and forgive and accept, and I think we didn’t really get that time. It cheapened Pat’s metamorphosis for me. It’s honestly one of the only things I didn’t like about this lakorn.

I don’t know much about the Buddhist religion, but it would have been nice to see Beauty’s dad smiling down from her in heaven. Luckily, we had her mother vigilantly watching and cheering for her daughter.

The soundtrack was decent, but for the most part, I felt it was pretty unmemorable. Anyone else?

There is honestly so much I could say about this series. I binge-watched it to the point that I was a zombie at work. In the end, the sacrifice was well worth it. And if any of my readers out there are in search of a drama where there are many character hurdles and lessons to be learned, this is an excellent place to start.



  1. where do you download this drama? i cant find it anywhere. i found the site where no subtitle available. and i cant watch it on viki either. i really wanna watch it

  2. hi there! its such a nice post. i love the main lead since he was on the ugly duckling series. and im soooo curious where do you download this drama? i cant find it anywhere. i found the site where no subtitle available. and i cant watch it on viki either. i really wanna watch it with eng sub on it. thx

    1. Thank you. I really adore Push. He’s such a great male lead. I watched this drama on Viki, which is the only place I know where you can stream Leh Nangfah with English subtitles.

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